Thursday, August 2, 2007

Things at work that furrowed the brow

1.) I met my my arch nemesis, Mr. Cranky Pants Dad with the Ne'er Do Well Son, face to face. He routinely calls to yell at me. Today he felt like doing it in person. (Why would we schedule the high school registration when he's on vacation? Didn't we know that everyone goes on vacation the last 2 weeks of August?!) He informed me that he's planning on running for the school board. You know, for the kids.

2.) A girl came in for her transcripts and she was wearing hot pink pants, a shirt that said "Will work for shoes" and a necklace with a crown dangling from it that was easily the size of a hamster with a thyroid problem. Mrs. T?

3.) The tech support guy saying, "We're all lit up like a Christmas tree here!" and "What's the problem-o?" and "Ah, shucks. You don't say," all in a one minute time frame.

4.) Dr. Apso's habit of putting food in her mouth and then holding it in there like a chipmunk while she talks to you.


Amanda said...

You know sometimes I want you to quit your job and find your wealthy benefactor to support you while you write the great American novel, but then...I stop and realize how much joy your job has brought to my life through anecdotes like these. It is a hard choice for me to make. When I pray, what should I really pray for?

rachelsaysso said...

You can pray that I find a wealthy benefactor with a lot of eccentric friends.