Monday, August 6, 2007

Holy Toast!

Lisa - knowing my love for miraculous sightings of the Virgin Mary on food - gave me the best gift ever:

Now I can have a miracle every morning for breakfast.

I've already had a miraculous sighting of sorts. A few years ago I cut into a bell pepper and the core had a happy face on it. I took it as a good omen that the sloppy joes I was using it for would bring me joy. Is it wrong to eat a sacred pepper? Well, I did and it was delicious. I kept the top of the Holy Happy Pepper in my freezer for about a year and then tossed it once the freezer burn made the happy face undistinguishable.

Now I'm looking for more iconic figures on my food. Like Wayne Newton. If he ever showed up on my tortilla I would take it as a sign that I needed to quit my job and become his back-up singer. I already consider this to be my destiny but it would literally take a heavenly visitation to get me to move to the Vegas. There are many fine things there, like the Liberace Museum and Macayo's - Home of the Mini Sampler (teeny tiny tacos!), but even driving through Vegas kills my soul just a little. Wayne may be the only thing saving it.


Amanda said...

So sad that the happy faced pepper is gone. I am still mad at Ellen for not responding to us. For those of you who don't watch Ellen, or don't remember, she was waiting for a long time for a potato chip with a smiley face. Ours was much more obvious, but apparently you CAN have too many happy faces. Who knew. Rachel, I am ready to move back to CA just to have some Holy Toast!!

Liz the Poet said...

Rachel, I'm expecting you to invite me over for some Holy Toast.

We'll have to be careful where we spead the jam, or else it could look creepy.

And if you get a sign to be Wayne Newton's back-up singer, let me know and I'll join you!

Amanda said...

I've never really wanted to see Wayne Newton in concert. Sorry Rachel! However, if you two are in, I'd come out to Vegas just to see that. What could I throw on stage in support? Throwing things on stage makes you a true groupie right?