Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Got a bad back? Move to AZ

A recap of the Excellent Arizona Adventure (in pictures):

On the way out we came across our plan for December 13th. Any man named Joan Sebastian who has a mustache like that should definitely be headlining at San Manuel Indian Casino. Am I right?

Notice how the sky is all gray? Those aren't clouds my friends. No, that's smoke.

Heather celebrated her first trip to Hadley's. If you're looking for dates you go here. We were hoping that they meant the other kind of dates but it was still worth a stop.

We went to this hokey western themed place called Rawhide. The most exciting part about it was that they played the song rawhide when you walk in. Fortunately we are the type of girls who have fun wherever we go. I've decided I'm going to quit my thankless job and become a prospector.

My new goal is to get Andrea to put something funny on her head every time we go out in public. You'd be surprised how successful I've been at this. Heather found the buffalo hat first and put it right on. It took a little convincing to get Andrea to put her horse hat on too. I love how their hair matches the hats and looks like it could be part of it.

We found ourselves at the ASU homecoming parade. Andrea works there and she showed us around. Everyone at ASU has 1.) a bike and 2.) a Paris Hilton fixation. All the girls looked just like her (i.e. skanky).

These fans were just laying out there for us to take. Or maybe they were just laying out there for alumni to take at the luncheon they had set up that we happened to walk by. Either way, thanks ASU!

You may not have known this but the greater Phoenix area is populated entirely with chiropractors. This was one of, oh about 20 offices we saw just in a 30 minute drive. Most of them are emergency chiropractic offices. My theory: everything is brown in AZ, from the landscape to the houses to the buildings, and people, especially all the elderly who are blinded by the fiery sun, get disoriented and they fall and hurt their backs. When I worked for Dr. Mintzer at the animal hospital he use to call chiropractors chiro-QUACK-ters. Ha! Oh, that Dr. Mintzer. Such a funny, funny guy. Funny like a freezer full of frozen euthanized dogs (which, I'm not going to lie, is funnier than you think. Certainly funnier than Dr. M.)

We went out to dinner with Cynde and Ryan, who were so horrified by each other's faces that they hid them from the camera. It's okay, folks, don't be afraid.

My dream came true at dinner. I love those little kiddie coloring activities that they give out at restaurants and they actually sat us right next to the basket. JACKPOT!!! I liked to think they left them there for us to take, just like the alumni association left those fans

To sum up: it was a wonderful trip. Andrea was the perfect hostess and Heather was the perfect road trip companion. I didn't once feel like driving into a ditch on the way out there.


Andrea said...

What an excellent re-cap. Although I think I would have left out the picture of me in a horse hat and posted a picture of Mr. Jelly Belly instead. He sure has been keeping me company! :)

Amanda said...

Okay, I just got this email from Krii and kind of weird that you are reading these books.
Let me know if he really hates God.


Amanda said...

I'm so jealous of your weekend! :( Unlike Andrea I am really glad that you posted the picture of Andrea in the horse hat. I think that when you get more pictures of Andrea in hats, you could do a whole blog entry about embarassing Andrea. I have a picture of Andrea at my Bridal shower. She however was adorable in that hat with the birdie! How cute can she get? Too much. I'll never be Andrea!

Valerie said...

I'm interested by you comment about all ASU girls being skanky. I'd like to see a documentary on what it is about ASU that causes it. Is it the hot weather- Limited clothing, terrible tans; could it be the ASU mascot, the devil that causes it? What could it be?

Liz the Poet said...

Oh, I wish I could have gone with you guys!

We need to plan another trip, and soon!

Rach said...

My place in Utah is always open for visitors...Rac