Thursday, October 4, 2007

Top O' the Muffin...To You!

Have you kids heard the commercial that's been on the radio lately? The one that goes a little like this:

Girl 1: Hey! Have you heard that Lipo-Zap is having a sale on muffin tops?
Girl 2: Oooh! I love muffin tops!
Girl 1: No not those kinds of muffin tops. The kind where fat hangs over the top of your jeans.
Girl 2: Ew!

Ew, indeed, Lipo-Zap. Ew, indeed. I want to run my car off the road every time I hear this ad.


Amanda said...

I've got John saying 'muffin top' now when he sees it. We saw some real offenders at the L.A. County Fair. Why is it that some women don't realize that they don't fit into those pants anymore or ever. I am going to start a movement for everyone to wear clothes that actually fit their body. Just a little question for the muffin toppers: Have you gained more than 20lbs since you first wore that? If yes, you really don't wear that size anymore!!

Wendy said...

Amanda is on to something here that clearly the lipo-zap people want us all to overlook, and it is simply the fact that if people would spend $40 on a new pair of jeans in the right size they would completely eliminate the muffin-top without surgical means and save themselves about $2960. It is within our power to make muffin-tops extinct the world over! Come on people - forget reducing our carbon footprint - let's focus on bad clothing choices.

Laura said...

I honestly think some people think they are being cute and stylish by wearing low-rise jeans even when they have no business to be wearing them!

Although...I do think whoever came up with calling it muffin top should get an really is the perfect description.

Ms. Liz said...

That would be Austrailian TV - Thank you Kath & Kim. Its kind of thier version of Absolutley Fabulous (var var funny).

I'm with you though. I'm mortified whenever I hear those commercials. I just think, "people not from LA and that aren't used to our obtuse fixation on image could be here and listening!! What are you doing??!!" They're like the radio equivalent of Gob from Arrested Development.

Ms. Liz said...
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