Thursday, October 25, 2007

I wish I didn't have to keep writing these letters

Dear Parent Who 5 Minutes After I Hung Up On For Screaming Like a Maniac Came Down to My Office to Scream at Me Some More:

I beg to differ that I was rude. I would have been rude if I had said the following: "You're a ignorant jerk who deserves to be locked up. You desperately need psychological help. You're out of control and should not be allowed in public and if you yell like that one more time I will call the police because if this is the way you act in public I'm horrified to think how you act at home around your wife and children. If you think Mexican-Americans are so oppressed maybe you should step up and be a man and talk about this rationally instead of hollering about '500 years of oppression from the Spaniards killing the Aztecs all the way to you white people giving my daughter detention because she's brown.' Your daughter threw an object at a classmate and she was rightly punished for it. Maybe if she had a better example of how to properly resolve conflict she wouldn't have done it. Instead she has you, someone who makes a fool of himself in public by screaming about injustice when all that happened was your daughter had to stay after school for 30 minutes. You should be ashamed of the way you acted towards me and our receptionist and everyone else here in the office. The only person who was rude today was you. Oh, and I know that you were trying to sound intelligent but 'malcontent' is a noun, not an adjective. And fustrated isn't a word."

See, that would have been rude to say. It's all true, but I'm a professional and I was brought up better than that. And besides, I was never given the chance to say anything, rude or not. That was why I hung up on you. I let you rave on like a lunatic for 5 minutes and every time I tried to explain the situation you just kept on screaming. I can't help you if you won't let me. I also do not have to take being yelled at, especially when you're accusing me of being a racist. And the reason why I walked away from you was because I thought for a split second that you were going to hit me. That's how out of control you were. I deal with a lot of angry parents every day but I've never felt that I was in danger of being hit by any of them. You need help. And a good dictionary.



Andrea said...

Oh I'm so sorry you had to deal with that. How rude! Next time I come home hopefully he'll be somewhere along Ghuasti and we can run him down!

Katie said...

Andrea, that is the best suggestion yet! That should be our new favorite threat, "I'll see you on Guasti Road!"

Laura said...

I am so tempted to give the "rude" answers sometimes. But instead, like you said, because of the way we're raised, we do the polite thing...and then as soon as we get off the phone, we go off! I understand completely!

Liz the Poet said...

So, how did he use malcontent as an adjective. That's fascinating to me.

Poor Rachel.

Although, really, poor world.

Stupid mean parents = stupid mean kids = more stupid mean parents.

Amanda said...

YIKES!! You should have just told him that you don't get paid nearly enough to listen to him rant and unless he would like to give you a $100,000 a year raise, he will have to find someone who cares. Just a thought. Also, what's with Guasti? Did I miss something?