Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Definitely Not Dreaming

Things I saw on late night TV in between the hours of 11pm and 2am during a failed attempt at falling asleep which made me think that I may have actually fallen asleep and was having either a lovely dream or a terrifying nightmare:

1.) Richard Simmons on Dave. His white man afro is a powerful force to be reckoned with. Strangely, I was more afraid of the picture Dave showed of him in a suit then I was of him wearing his usual tank top and shorty shorts on the show.

2.) Sondre Lerche on Dave. Lindsay turned me on to him a few years ago and his songs are entirely sing-along-able.

3.) Jake Gyllenhaal on Conan. His full beard makes him look like a German mathematician. Had my teacher looked like him I probably would not have failed Geometry.

4.) Former Mexican president Vicente Fox on Craig Ferguson. It was a battle over who had the most luxurious accent.

5.) Carson Daly. Why does his head remind me of Guy Smiley?

6.) Pastor Melissa Scott – widow of that crazy TV evangelist who, while alive, wore those child molester tinted glasses and wrote gibberish all over a white board. She was singing. Possibly in tongues.

7.) Bob Ross, whose white man afro kicks Richard Simmons’ to the ground and calls it names, painting a happy little mountain vista. His soft and gentle voice was finally what put me to sleep. Thanks Bob. I owe you.


On an entirely unrelated note: Laura may have celebrity sightings but I have celebrity commenters. Well, I should probably say "celebrity" in this case. Bean, from the Kevin and Bean show, posted a comment on my other blog. I'm going to believe that it's actually him and will now tell everyone that we're BFF.


Anonymous said...

Ok, this I need proof of my love. You can't just claim Magic Beans:)

I know, doesn't Richard Simmons seem fictional?


Heather said...

hahaha--I totally agree that shocking as it sounds, Richard Simmons in a suit would be way more alarming than him in his disturbing tank top and short-shorts.

Laura said...

I think I could give Richard Simmons and Bob Ross a run for their money in the white person afro department!

And...if certain people are doubting the validity of some of my celebrity sighthings due to lack of proof - then I think you should have to prove your celebright commenter. For are you advertising your blog in such a way that the real Bean would find it?

Amanda said...

Well Rachel, I think that commenting on his loud breathing might set you back a notch from being Bean's best friend. Hopefully not!