Thursday, May 1, 2008

America's Next Top Model

There was a sign up on my gym door yesterday saying that they were filming a commercial and when I signed in I also had to sign a "model release form". That's right folks, I am one step away from being the next Tyra Banks. I just need to get a really bad hair weave and I'm there. (Dear Tyra, When I can see the netting of your weave on my low-def old school tv, with my glasses off, that means it's bad. Are they paying you in Skittles instead of dollar bills? Love, Rachel.) While I was signing the release I asked what it meant and they said that the crew would be filming in different rooms and they could film me so if I didn't want to be on film then I should avoid the rooms they were filming in. Fantastic. This is exactly what I want when I work out - a camera crew.

I started on the elliptical and 15 minutes in the camera crew came in. So I moved to the track, and then they started filming shots through the window. So I went to the weight room, but half of the machines were blocked with the lights and equipment they had up there. I did manage to get an hour in but most of it consisted of running from one room to another to make sure that my sweaty face and big booty weren't recorded for all to see. Or, however many people watch Upland public access.


Rac said...

I hope that if you did make it on camera your eyes were fierce. You know that Tyra look. It's all about the eyes. Just ask Katarzanya (how do you spell that name--it's ridiculous!).

Laura said...

I'm guess you're pretty safe if it was really only Upland public access!!

If I was going to get paid in something other than dollar bills, I'd have to say either Peanut Butter M&Ms, or Sees Scotch Mallow. And my annual bonus could be paid in really good french bread with a slab o' butter!