Monday, May 26, 2008

Born to Rock!

Dear Wealthy Benefactor,

If you were wondering what you could get me for Rachel Appreciation Day might I suggest a drum set.  Why?  Because I'm pretty sure I was born to rock.  I played Rock Band at our family party this afternoon and I totally killed it on the drums.  My cousin Allie and I are going to start up a band and I don't think that the Rock Band drum set is going to work for gigs so I'm going to need the real thing.  I'm not picky but I would like it to be purple, and sparkly if you have the option.

Hugs and Kisses,
Rachel =)


Ginger said...

I was a witness of your amazing drumming ability and I, too, hope that your wealthy benefactor comes through for you. I wish you many years of drumming pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Can I join your band? Please? I've been playing a lot of Karaoke Revolution and I think I could pull it off. And I have also been doing a lot of Dance Dance Revolution so I have lots of great moves. I would even just be a backup dancer, as long as I can fulfill my dream of being in a rock band.

Jennette said...

I think your rock band should have a didgeridoo (those long wooden pipes they play in Australia). Maybe when my loans are paid off in the far, far future, I'll get one and a drum for you. I could have a cool solo in your band, kind of like what the harmonica did for Blues Traveler!!

Amanda said...

We have Guitar Hero and while I am currently not any good, I will start practicing since no one is offering their guitar skills, and everyone knows that a true rock band needs a guitar or two.