Monday, May 12, 2008


The Nephew Count has just doubled in the Knecht Fam. Check it out. I've been watching Ben this afternoon and have informed him that he's going to have to share the title of Blessed Nephew with Thomas. He basically just nodded his enormous head and babbled a bit. I'm pretty sure he's fine with still being the heir apparent for the family silver.

Before putting him down for his nap we were in my room and he was fascinated by my Elvis swivel hip clock (well, who wouldn't be). He kept pointing to it so I told him it was Elvis and then I kept repeating his name. "Elvis. Elvis." And then Ben said, "Eboo," which I'm taking as a sure sign that the indoctrination is working. Long live the king.


Andrea said...

Congratulations Auntie Rachel! I'm so excited for your family. Glad to hear Elvis keeps on tickin'!

Laura said...

I LOVE the year of the palooza!!