Thursday, May 29, 2008

The First 40

Amanda inspired me.  So here it is, my List of Entirely Plausible Things I Would Like To Do Before I Die.  This is hardly a complete list.  Pretty much every single day I turn on the tv or read the newspaper or talk to someone and suddenly there are 18 new things I want to do.  I better get crackin'.  

1.)  Play the organ at Dodger Stadium
2.)  Paint a mural 
3.)  Learn how to double-dutch
4.)  Own a Slurpee machine
5.)  Host a really fancy dinner party with name cards
6.)  Fly a plane
7.)  Go to space camp
8.)  Get published
9.)  Learn how to arrange flowers
10.)  Learn how to bake really great bread
11.)  Meet the Queen
12.)  Attend a Passover Seder
13.)  Learn how to cut hair
14.)  Go ice skating on a frozen pond 
14a.)  Learn how to ice skate
15.)  Perfect my Scottish accent
16.)  Understand the mysteries of the game of cricket
17.)  Win at Monopoly
18.)  Make a perfect pie crust (taste and looks)
19.)  Ride a motorcycle
20.)  Be a waitress at a teeny little diner and call everyone sugar or honey
21.)  Have my own boysenberry bush
22.)  Do a handstand
23.)  Knit a sweater
24.)  Memorize a piece of music on the piano
25.)  Play a round of golf and get to drive the golf cart
26.) Go to a Big Hat Event and wear one (Kentucky Derby, ribbon cutting, British wedding, Baptist church on Easter Sunday, etc.)
27.)  Build a really awesome sand castle
28.)  Learn how to play an instrument that is portable, preferably the concertina.
29.)  Poach an egg
30.)  Fly off of an aircraft carrier in a fighter jet
31.)  Go on the Sound of Music Tour in Austria
32.)  Learn how to yodel
33.)  Go to one of those giant flower markets in Amsterdam
34.)  Soak in a thermal pool in Iceland
35.)  Go to a cherry blossom festival in Japan
36.)  Make it past chapter 7 of Wuthering Heights
37.)  Learn all the capitals in the world
38.)  Sing with a live band
39.)  Eat really good barbecue in Kansas City
40.)  Attend all 4 tennis grand slams


Anonymous said...

I can help with 9 and 29! Good thing you don't have "learn math" on there because I don't know what percentage that is...

courtney said...

i think these ladies can help you out with #3.

make sure you let me know when the dodgers stadium thing happens--i want to be there.