Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I've lost it

Well, I've lost it. It's been a pretty good run, but I've officially turned into the Least Funny Person on the Planet. All week long I've been trying to think of anything clever or funny to write about and I've got nothing. I knew I would lose it eventually and now I'm going to have to move into a home for people who don't get the joke - where the only thing on TV is Jay Leno and Everybody Loves Raymond.

To prove that I've lost it here's a list of things I've considered writing about:

1.) The show I watched last night on PBS about people dying on Mt. Everest
2.) The blouse I'm attempting to sew and the fact that I don't actually know how to sew clothes
3.) Sandwiches and how much I love them
4.) How driving over the Grapevine made the inside of my head explode which made me want to die some slow and horrible way because it would be less painful.

See, more boring than cardboard. Admit it, you've already moved onto more exciting things like trimming your toenails or calling your accountant.

I'm sorry. Come back in a week. Maybe it's just a phase.


AJ said...

WHAT? How vile to say you have "lost it". That is not true! But on another note, I am so sad to hear I missed the Mt. Everest story on PBS. I recntly read "Into Thin Air" and I have been wanting to see a movie or documentary on it, as they were filming some while the book's author was climbing. Was it good? Sad that I missed it. Sad that your have humor-dysmorphia.

Heath'e' said...

Whatever, even when your "not funny" your still hilarious!! I've been enjoying stalking your blog! You are just as funny in your writing as you are in person! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and humor with the rest of us. And for teaching me some sweet knitting skillz!!! I'm LOVING it!!

Anonymous said...

You will always be funny. Even when you're writing about how unfunny you feel, you're still entertaining. It's a gift. I know a LOT of people that qualify for being the Least Funny Person on the Planet, and you are not one of those people. I'm guessing that 5 minutes people watching at the mall and you'll have 5 million funny comments to make on your blog.

Chris said...

The Mt. Everest story?...was that the one where the planed crashed with some rugby team in it and they resorted to cannibalization to survive?

Actually, if you sewed your blouse and then modeled it for us, that might actually be very funny, considering that you don't know how to sew clothes.

Chris said...

"plane", not "planed"

The UnMighty said...

I think I've got a solution. By themselves these ideas may in-fact be a little dull. But when combined into one, powerful super idea, they are really quite spectacular.

I'm thinking a PBS show about sandwiches that you watch atop Everest while sewing your own outdoor clothing and surviving on grapes alone.

Tammy said...

Rachel would love to hear your comments on sandwiches. I LOVE sandwiches, it all started when I worked at TOGOS in high school..umm so good !

Anonymous said...

It must be contagious because I can't think of a thing to blog about either.

How about you go into some Rachel history that's never made it to blog?