Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Neverland House

Dear Wealthy Benefactor,

Me again.  Sorry to bother you, I know you're busy making lots of money, but I have a small request.  It's just slightly bigger than a drum set.  It's this.

Okay, so it's a house.  But not just any house.  It's J.M. Barrie's old house.  And I really want it.  Because look at this adorable staircase.  And this communal garden I would get to share with my neighbors.  And this wee little room!  Can't you picture me in this room, wearing elegant-leisure-wear, drinking cocoa and writing funny blog posts while turning into the Eccentric Old Woman I was destined to be?  I sure can.

This takes precedence over the drum set because I don't want anyone else to snatch it up.  And I would like to be out there before Wimbledon starts.  Plus, I want to get a jump on changing the paint.  Is it just me or does that adorable staircase look like it's working the faux marble paint job?

Hugs and Kisses,
Rachel =)


Anonymous said...

I hope your Wealthy Benefactor gets on this. Then you can say you're from Kensington, and that always sounds cool. Plus, it's a super fantastic house, and think of how the visitors would pour in!

Mr. Hall said...

The next time your wealthy benefactor is over for a visit, send him upstairs. . . :)

Gina said...

Send him to the Grove as well.

AJ said...

Would you mind much if I joined you in this dream? I don't even mind staying in the 5th room, which is quite small, just so I could look out at the gardens or stand on the balcony or thoughtfully select a novel from the built in bookcase. Oh to dream!

PS: Where does one find a wealthy benefactor? I could use one!


Laura said...

This place is SO you. So 6.7 million pounds is what...just over $13 million. Just write a'll be fine!

Wendy said...

The first thing I noticed in these pictures was the walls. What is it with the English and weird decorating? It's like the whole country was doing so well, setting decorating standards for the world with their Chippendale chairs and Queen Anne settees, and then modern times hit and it's all a "Painted House" nightmare (have you seen that show? A woman named...something Travis I think. English. Results spotty, at best). Can't beat the setting though. And the history. Have I told you how much I like the book "Peter Pan"? So clever! Loved it.

Tammy said...

that faux paint job really is quite horrible!

Amanda said...

I'm just curious about the importance of aspect windows since every room description starts with how many and what kind of aspect windows it has.
Love the house. I would definitely come and visit! Hoping the WB pulls through on this one.

Anonymous said...

We'll have to find a way to mesh our mind spaces of 90-degree angle staircases versus spiral staircases. This will take patience and lots of brownies.