Friday, December 19, 2008

A letter-writing opportunity from me to you

This article made me want to spit. And, given my extreme distaste of spitting, you can see just how angry that is.

Maybe it's just me but I feel that if we send a guy off to war and he comes back injured he should be set for life. All of his medical bills paid for, his mortgage paid off, his kids get to go to college for free, and his wife gets pedicures for life. He should certainly not have to worry about losing his job or his home because he was too busy learning how to walk with prosthetic legs.

On Veteran's Day I watched part of a show that surprised injured veterans from Iraq with home furnishings. I only watched part of it because I was a wreck after the very first one (Amanda, it was worse than the St. Jude commercials.) This guy came back from Iraq after he got his heel shot off. He lost it when his unit was being shot at and his friend was hit so to save him he laid down on top of him, without any cover for himself. And he came back to nothing. He was living in military housing with a wife and a new born and almost zero furniture. So they surprised him with some. Including stuff for his porch. And he broke down when he saw the porch. Just the porch! He hadn't even seen the two flat screen TVs they got him. And I thought, if a guy is so broken up over two lawn chairs and a table then we really need to be doing something more to make their lives easier.

So, if you're feeling the same way and would like to help out here's a link to Operation Homefront, the organization that is mentioned in the article. It seems like a pretty good group, and they have a lot of different ways to help, from volunteering to donating items or money to putting together care packages. Don't you think it would be so much fun to volunteer? We could all wear matching t-shirts! But I'm also going to suggest writing to your federal and state representatives and asking them to boost the existing programs and support any bills that would help out veterans and their families. Just type in your zip code in the box to the right on the linked page and a list will come up with all of their names and you can write one letter and send it to all of them. Easy! And fun. And they usually write back which kind of makes you feel special - like you're bff with powerful people and maybe they'll name a city street after you.


Laura said...

I'm totally with you on volunteering. I was looking for some sort of veteran organization but so many of them didn't seem to support the right sorts of things. Let's all volunteer and see if they have something we can all do together!

And thanks for the links to the representatives. I was about to look for that anyway regarding the scam they're trying to pull in California right now about the new taxes disguised as fees! I need to channel my inner Rachel and write them a really good message!!

Rach said...

Tim's dad waited for 35 years for his disability benefits. He just got them a few years ago, after lots and lots of fighting to get what he was promised.

I'll have to look into doing some sort of volunteering. Thanks for the reminder!

Nunazuna said...

Hi Rachel! I'm adding you to my blog! I just saw your link on facebook. I miss you.

Heather said...

I'm also totally in with you on volunteering! Especially if it includes matching shirts. And I agree that if someone is injured while fighting for us, they should be set. I feel so strongly about it that I'll write a letter, even though I'm a complete idiot when it comes to writing letters.

PS- It's Heather. I changed my name. Again.