Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gimpy finger

I made a u-turn yesterday and the steering wheel turned one way and my hand went the other but my finger didn't go with it and now it is, as Doc says, "seriously kerfuffled." She used a divining rod to make sure it was not broken and then she tugged and twisted and used this clicker thingy to move my bones and joints back into place and then she rubbed it down with some kind of magical ointment and put a splint on it.

There are two points I would like to make now:

1.) Certain things become difficult when your right index finger is in a splint. Things like typing, and writing, and eating your leftover burrito, and cleaning mole from your leftover burrito off of your scrub top.

2.) I can't put my finger down which means that it's always in the #1 position. It makes me feel kind of awesome.


Andrea said...

I'm sorry to hear you hurt your finger but so glad you posted about it. Another hilarious post, what would I do without you Rachel? I hope your finger gets better soon!

Camille said...

your hand is in prime position for a giant foam finger

Stephanie said...

Rachel's number one! Rachel's number one! Hoooora.

Chris said...

It's a good thing it was your index finger, because if it had been your middle finger, that could have cause an entirely different set of problems.

Britny Hill said...

So after the little family outing you all had,I heard you have a blog! And I must say, you are pleasantly funny to read! I'm lovin it!!