Monday, December 29, 2008

Chocolate and Fruit

Oh, so many things to write about: like my trip to the fabric district where I got 8 yards of really good 60 inch fabric for 8 bucks; or how I spent the 3 days before Christmas covered in felt and how I discovered that making a felt horse is more difficult than I imagined; or the awesome Hanukkah party I went to (Thanks Appels! It was a lovely little present to see all of you again.) where I tried chopped liver(!) and found that while it looks and smells like cat food, it didn't taste that bad.

But instead I will write about more serious things.

A comment was made on my family's blog just now that got me thinking. Camille and I wrote about how Gina, who hates cherries, always manages to find the See's candy that has cherries in it. And Andrea (hi Andrea!) mentioned that chocolate should never be mixed with fruit.

I disagree.

What about chocolate covered strawberries? Or chocolate covered bananas? Or chocolate orange ice cream? Or chocolate molten cake with raspberry sauce? Or chocolate truffles with cream fruit filling? Or a banana split with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream and a cherry on top?

I can understand if you're working with generalities. If, say, as a rule you don't like fruit with chocolate but have your exceptions. Katie always point out that I do the same thing. For instance, I hate cucumbers, because the flavor is so over-powering that when it's in something that's all I can taste, and it's a taste that lingers for hours afterwards. But I have sometimes had them in certain dishes or with certain flavors that are stronger or compliment it and they're not bad. And I think that's okay. But can you really say that you don't like any of the things I just listed? Even chocolate covered strawberries? That's just kooky.

On a kind of related note: I got a gift certificate from a patient for a 1 pound box of See's and I cannot adequately tell you the glee that filled my heart. Glee, I say! Because I have never gone and picked out my very own See's. The boxes just show up at Christmas and you have to spend so much time using your psychic powers determining which ones are your favorite and which ones are gross. So the idea that I could have a whole box filled entirely with candies that do not have maple OR walnuts in them makes my heart swell a little.

If you agree with me on the chocolate and fruit thing you are invited over to share my box of See's, which will have a few of that variety.


Anonymous said...

i take it as common knowledge that chocolate makes everything better, and that includes fruit. it also includes nuts and maple flavoring. as well as coconut. blech! coconut! but coconut covered in chocolate is, if not divine, then at least quite edible.

ever tried chocolate-covered (well, actually, chocolate-DRIZZLED) pizza? to die for!

teresa p said...

I think in general, chocolate and fruit is a good thing. Tell Gina to go for the square/rectangle pieces - they are usually nuts or chews. Picking out your own See's is pretty awesome. I usually get a whole box of truffles (I'm pretty picky, though).

Jeanette said...

I am starving now after having read this post.

What about chocolate fondue? Hello you are to dip bananas, strawberries, pineapple, apples, mandarin oranges along with brownies, marshmellows, pound cake - need I go on???

Chocolate and fruit is divine!

Have fun picking out your chocoloates at Sees. Sounds like a very fun adventure.

Stephanie said...

I like chocolate and fruit. A lot. I don't think I've ever met a fruit that wasn't enhanced by chocolate.

My favorite See's flavors are the dark raspberry truffle and the key lime truffle (even though the key lime truffle is white chocolate, not the dark stuff). I also like anything with coconut, raspberry or vanilla. Have a ton of fun picking your favorites!!

Amanda said...

Not only do I agree with you on the fruit and chocolate front, but on the maple and walnut issue as well. I am like Gina and the cherries, with maple and walnut. I actually have an aversion to boxed chocolates because I swear that at least 3/4 of the box contains some walnut/maple variation. Picking all your own seems like the only logical choice. But then you wouldn't want to share.
P.S. I have two See's 1 lb gift certificates and wish I could use them. We don't have a See's around these parts. I'm going to have to work on that one.

Andrea said...

If the LA Fair can sell chocolate covered bacon to people then what's wrong with chocolate and fruit? I love the fruity stuff at See's, especially chocolate orange and chocolate strawberry. How lucky you are to pick your own box. I would go for the ones mentioned above along with the bordeax, butterscotch square, and carmel chew. Mmmm, I think I know what I'll be doing after work today.

Rach said...

Chocolate really does enhance any type of fruit. I think chocolate cherry thingys are a monstrosity, though. Grody. And Gina, that's what I always manage to find, too, unless it's the walnut maple chew. I love picking out my own chocolates. My favorite are mint truffles, and I enjoy the citrus fruit truffles as well. Just not the cherry nasties. Ooh, and anything that combines chocolate and caramel is also double yummy.

Laura said...

Ahhh...Sees Candy. I would pick out the entire one pound box of Scotchmallow - my favorite candy in the entire world. If I was forced to eat only one kind of candy for eternity - that would be it!