Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Quik

The Knecht's celebrate Christmas in the morning. The rest of the day is spent like most days we're all together - cracking jokes about each other's head size, playing games and quoting Bill Murray movies - only on Christmas we're hopped up on sugar and wearing our jim-jams.

Like just about everyone else we have our traditions and one of them is a very large breakfast before the present opening commences. I know, we're like monks with all our self-restraint. The breakfast is jam-packed with all sorts of breakfasty type foods and it's all delicious and bad for you. We talk about this breakfast in epic terms and one of the highlights in a meal already full of them is the Chocolate Quik.

We love our chocolate milk. But my mom rarely got Quik on regular occasions when we were growing up because there's a lot of us and we already went through tons of milk in a week. If we had Quik on hand it would have been more cost efficient to just buy a cow to keep us in supply of milk. I grew up in Chino so it wouldn't have been so outrageous to keep a cow out back but who would pick up the manure? So no Quik before school. But we always had it on Christmas morning.

One year I came to the realization that I was a real live grown up and I could have Quik whenever I wanted. So the next time I was at the store I headed down hot beverage aisle to have a look. And I couldn't bring myself to buy it. Because Quik is a Christmas only treat. It seemed wrong to have it any other time.

I hope your Christmas is filled with your family's equivalent of yummy chocolate goodness.

Merry Christmas!


colleeeen said...

i will be experimenting for Christmas breakfast. Chocolate chip panettone french toast. It might be wondrous, or it might be the worst idea ever. We'll find out tomorrow!

Merry Christmas.

Stephanie said...

I love having something special for Christmas morning. I only make Cinnamon Rolls (capitalization intended) on Christmas morning. Sure, they are difficult, but it's not like I couldn't make them any other time. I just like that I only make them on Christmas morning. It's part of the anticipation.

Merry Christmas

Nunazuna said...

Cute Rachel! I love your family! I miss coming over and hanging with you guys. I love family traditions and I'm glad you didn't buy the Quik. It just wouldn't be as special if you did. Merry Christmas! Tell everyone hello for me and that I miss them.

Anonymous said...

i'm weird, i know it, but this is what i LOVE to do with Quik: pour a glass of milk, get a spoonful of Quik and dip it into the milk and then bring it back out - what'll happen is, the Quik will separate, kind of like the parting of the Red Sea. TOO COOL! (and VERY religious, now that i think about it, which makes it the PERFECT thing to do on Christmas!) :)

Rach said...

Not only is it self-restraint to wait until after breakfast to open presents, but to pass up Quik was also admirable. My mom would ask us every single year if we wanted to eat breakfast first or open presents. Duh, mom. She stopped asking a few years ago. And ever since Tim came along we haven't had pancakes, which was the old tradition. Tim hates pancakes. The one thing we have always had is egg nog, and this year WE DIDN'T!!! It was so wrong. I got home and drank almost my whole thing of it.

Laura said...

I love traditions! And I love Quik - haven't had it for years though. I always remember using twice as much as the directions called - where you'd end up sort of chewing your milk. Sounds gross - but oh so delicious!