Thursday, December 4, 2008

Energy push

I was in the process of writing about how a guy selling magazine subscriptions came to my door last night and was so obnoxious that I actually had to tell him to stop high-fiving me. And then he asked to use my bathroom. Sure, because I certainly don't see anything wrong with letting strange men into my home to pee. I suggested he ask upstairs, where they have a very large weapon collection.

But that story will have to wait because I just got off the phone with CeCe, one of our patients and a former employee here. She's a gem and I love her. She is a very lovely and genuine person. She reminds me of Sheila*, only she's a lot less worried about terrorist cells in Michigan.

CeCe called this morning to place a supplement order and I mentioned in passing that we were pretty slow today. So she hung up and called back a few hours later to tell me what her plan was to get more people into the office. Here's what she said:

"Sweetie, after I finish my lunch I'm going to do a HUGE energy push on the office so be prepared. We're going to visualize and manifest success! First I'm going to drive out all the bad energy from your office. Really mix it up. And I'm going to push the bad energy out of the doctor's head space so her fears don't drag you down. Then I'm going to ground the practice to the core of the earth and let all that good energy rise up into it. Then I'm going to place guardian angels around the practice and then I'm going to call all the good spirits to come into your heart. So what I need you to do is help me out by doing the exact same thing on your end."

And I totally would, except that I forgot to put the guardian angels' numbers in my cell.

*It's a real shame that not all of you know Sheila. I use to work with her at the school district pre-blog. But years from now when I compile Rachel's Greatest Hits an entire section will be dedicated to her. Some of my best stories are of Sheila and her computer. I love her and miss her.


The Cahoons! said...

It sounds like CeCe and the Doctor (or whatever she is) got along REALLY well... to say the least.

P.S. Did that guys come to the door when I was on the phone with you last night?

Wendy said...

I are you sure this woman isn't related to Tyler's mom - or at least attend the same dojo?

Amanda said...

How is it that you have this kind of luck? I don't know a single person like this? Huh? Don't be stingy and keep them all to yourself. I'm sure if I hung out in Madison more, I'd find some. Maybe a goal for the new year?

AJ said...

you have the strangest job that brings you in contact with some of the finest oddities I have heard of. Good fodder for your future book!

Valerie said...

I think a compilation of your greatest stories is a great idea. And then I think you should send i out to some literary agents and try to get it published. FOR REAL. Let's talk at Christmastime.