Thursday, January 15, 2009

Who Doubted!?

I forgot to mention this but I got a message from Amanda last night reminding me.

I'm almost positive that one of you doubted the swami hat and now your doubt has caused Fate to issue us all a swift kick to the head. About 2 hours after I predicted that Renee Zellwegger would ruin a movie that I would want to see I saw a commercial for a new movie she's starring in with none other than Harry Connick Jr. HARRY! That really got me where it hurt. Because I'm pretty sure she hasn't loved him as long as I have. Nor was she there that night at the Hollywood Bowl when I nearly swooned while he was playing Caravan on his piano. And she certainly doesn't have Amanda's nail marks permanently embedded in her leg from said show at the Bowl. What I'm saying is that I've invested a lot in my love for him and she should not be allowed to go and ruin a movie that I would, under normal circumstances, endure a crowded movie theater with all those obnoxious movie goers to see. It's one thing for her to do a movie with Colin Firth, or George Clooney, or Ewan McGregor. But Harry Connick Jr. should be off limits to squishy faced actresses who sound both like a 5 year old and a drunk.


Rach said...

I love Harry Connick, Jr., too. Ever since I saw Little Man Tate. I even caught his attention during rehearsal for the Olympic closing ceremonies, because suddenly he was 10 feet away and I accidentally squealed "It's Harry Connick, Jr.!!!" And he looked at me to see who had blurted it out. Eye contact and everything. I saw that preview for that movie right after I read your predictions, too, and laughed and laughed. But I was also sad, for the same reasons as you.

The Cahoons! said...

I agree completely with you about Renee Zellwegger, and I can't believe that we will most likely have to endure her kiss Harry Connick Jr. if we see the movie! Which of course you know we have to because of our love of Harry. How could we not support such a man?!
BTW, after I got my wisdom teeth out and my face was puffing up in my cheek I kept looking more and more like Renee Zellwegger, but really only if I squinted.

P.s. lets do our V.T. this week.

Laura said...

I love Harry too! I still remember going to a concert in 1992 - which I had to drive all the way to Mission Viejo to buy $100 (each) tickets for me and my friend Laurie. Then, there were these drunk ladies behind us that kept singing the whole time - AS IF I paid $100 to hear THEM sing!

And I agree about the squish face thing. It's like one of those plastic dolls and you push on their head to make their face squish. That's what she looks like. I, on the other hand, am a beautiful creature!

colleeeen said...

she does have a really weird face. she and keira knightley. and HCJr. is pretty dreamy. it's a movie i might actually see, despite her. hmm. i think Chicago is the only movie i've ever seen with her in it.

The Katzbox said...

Denis Leary, the comedian, said that Renee Zellwegger is never ever considered attractive to straight men-that it is NOT possible. That's a bold statement. He said it, I'm just quoting...that's all...I'm just putting it out there...and I still think she is in perpetual histamine reaction mode and should be on a continual drip of Benadryl...unless she is brilliant and has made her fortune out of her chronic allergic state...maybe she is constantly rubbing an allergen, like a peanut, against her lips and that's why she looks that way...don't know...could be brilliance, could be desperation, could be her getting the last laugh on the way to the bank...and Harry Connick Jr's lips...*gasp*