Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why don't you pick up a teddy bear to go with your feeling of despair

I have to fill about 30 positions by Friday so I've been spending my days interviewing people and reading resumes and sometimes I come across some funny things. Here are two:

1.) I guy put down that he use to work at the LA County Coroners the gift shop. Exactly who would be looking to buy a gift at the coroner's office? "I'm sorry that you had to come down to identify the remains of your murdered husband but would you like to buy a commemorative shot glass while you're here?"

2.) FYI: You should never send a picture with a resume. It says more about your ego than you would want a prospective employer to know. But I love it when people send pictures because I know right away that I don't need to call them, and it also gives me a good laugh, because I have yet to see an even remotely professional looking picture. Like today - a girl sent in her resume and attached a picture to it of her in a lacy red lingerie top with a whole lot of cleavage. I showed it to Chiquita and she asked, "Is she applying for the streetwalker position?"


Karina & John Calderwood said...

OK, this made me miss working just a tiny bit. Oh the stories I have to tell about applicants, their resumes and interviews I have conducted. One thing that I especially loved was email addresses. I would talk to an applicant and always confirm their email address....I can't write half of the funny ones because of profanity....very professional people. THAT REMINDS thing to do before I die is to visit Roanoke, VA...most of my interesting people lived around that area.

Rach said...

We had a file at the engineering firm I worked at dedicated to funny resumes. I never got pictures, though. A lingerie shot, really? She sounds like a candidate for "What Not to Wear". They always have girls who wear tiny skirts and lowcut tops to work. I'm glad they're making your life interesting. It's nice to know there's a gift shop at the coroners. You never know when you'll need a nice flower arrangement.

Stephanie said...

A gift shop at the coroners? That is too funny. I wonder if they sell coffins (like one stop shopping) or if they have t-shirts that say "Someone who loves me went to the LA County Coroners and all I got was this t-shirt"

Either would be funny.
Thanks for the laugh

colleeeen said...

not as cool, however, as necromance.

Fishie said...

It would be cool if you could score me a Christmas ornament coffin.