Thursday, June 18, 2009

I promise to not hit you with my nunchucks if you vote for me.

Finally, a picture of us in all our Nunchucking Glory! Liz and Katie are ready to block, I'm ready to strike and Heather is ready to hug.

And are those matching shirts? They sure are. We made shirts with our 9th kyu certificates on them. Rad, I know. They were a huge hit at the dojo. These are things 10-year-olds don't think to do and I'm pretty sure they were jealous.

We didn't go to class for three weeks so we had a triumphal return on Monday night. I think we were missed. The kids actually talked to us. Mostly, when we try to make conversation with the kids they shun us, but several of them actually chatted with me while we were waiting our turn for the game (Which, ahem, I won. High fives for everyone!)


In other news: I am currently in 5th place for this competition:

2009 BlogLuxe Awards

And I have made it over the 1000 votes mark. Wow! I think I owe a lot of this to Camille, who may or may not be a computer genius. But everyone else deserves an enormous thanks too. You're all the greatest. I've decided that if I get 3rd place I will hold an ice cream social to show my appreciation. You're all invited. Bring your own vanilla if you want it because I don't believe in buying the stuff.


Andrea said...

The fact that you are in a nunchucking class makes me love you even more, Rachel you are awesome! I'll have you know that me and my alias' vote for you everyday. You better believe I'll celebrate with ice cream if you get third place.

Camille said...

I AM a computer genius and you are welcome. For anyone who would like to know about this computer genius, and why Rachel is over 1000 (I can't divulge anything in this oh-so public comment) contact me and we can easily get Rachel to third place. Cheers to an Ice Cream Social.

Amanda said...

I'll be contacting Camille. Rachel, I think that we should get matching windbreakers regardless. REmember those 80's jackets from that shop in Pasadena? Why didn't we buy those? I found my blue star sunglasses and one of those jackets would work really well with the get-up.
Sad thing is that I don't have any Wisconsin friends that I would wear those around. Hmmm... I mean I have good friends here, but not star sunglass, bonnets in public kind of friends.

Heather said...

I know that this is a great picture of you guys, but my legs look way better this one:

rachelsaysso said...

I absolutely love you Heather!

Stephanie said...

I love that you nunchuck with painted toes!

Go! Fight! Win!