Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Last night I was cooking dinner (Macaroni and Cheese. True story: I've never made mac & cheese before. I'm talking about the real stuff. The Kraft stuff and I are pretty tight considering all the time I spent with it in college. But I went for the real stuff. It was delicious. You should definitely add bacon.) and there was a knock at the door. There are several things that run through my head when I hear a knock. 1.) Who could it be? 2.) Probably a neighbor. 3.) Do I have stuff on my face? 4.) What if it's a sales man? I hate sales men. 5.) What if it's a ruffian? Would I look crazy if I come to the door with a knife and it's not a ruffian?

Turns out I didn't need the knife because when I opened the door I found my little nephew Ben standing there saying, "Hi Rachel," like he stops by every day.
And then my face erupted into a geyser of tears. I was the Old Faithful of crying.
Because there was a NEPHEW AT MY DOOR!!!! Who lives in Utah and wasn't suppose to be in California for another month.

And bonus tears, walking up the steps was my sister-in-law Stacy with Thomas, the other Blessed Nephew, who must have gone through some kind of time warp because he's like 18 years old now.
It was the greatest surprise of my life. Hands down. No contest. The best.
Have a look:
Ben seeing if he can fit in a basket
Tom trying to swallow a ping pong ball
It was like Christmas and my birthday and a Dodger game and the fair and a boat ride all rolled up. If there had been rocky road ice cream I would have died.


Stacy said...

I almost considered bringing rocky road, but I thought it would have been over kill (sorry). I'm so glad that would could surprise you. It was great.

Stephanie said...

I'm glad it wasn't a ruffian and that you didn't have a knife in your hand. What a wonderful way to surprise a good person!

I have a most fantastic macaroni and cheese recipe that I make when I am desperate for something cheesy and noodle-y. I think the secret ingredient is lots of Worcestershire sauce.

Emmy said...

What a sweet entry!

Rach said...

That is the best kind of surprise ever. And you even had delicious mac'n'cheese to feed them when they got there! So it was like a surprise for everyone.

Anna said...

Love it!!

Election Bits and $nipets said...

Hey don't hate, I am a salesman, I promise not to come to your door. Love your blog. Signed, The Hated salesman

Amanda said...

I'm sitting here at my computer in far, far away land, crying for you. So sweet.