Wednesday, June 3, 2009

No Water - Hot or Cold.

I came home from work and Katie informed me that we didn't have any water. So I called Flo.

Me: Hi, Flo. I was just wondering how long our water was going to be off.
Flo: It's not off honey. You just don't have hot water.
Me: No. We don't have any water.
Flo: No. You have cold water.
Me: Flo, when I turn the faucet on, no water comes out.
Flo: Not even cold?
Me: No.
Flo: But you should have cold water.
Me: But I don't.
Flo: Did you try just turning the cold water on.
Me: (I contemplate the effort it would take to explain that there is no magical valve for cold and hot water on a one knob faucet and then decide it would be too much.) Yes, and nothing comes out.
Flo: Well, have you tried it recently?
Me: About 30 seconds ago.
Flo: Well, try it again.
(I walk into the bathroom with the phone and turn the faucet on. Nothing comes out.)
Me: Nothings coming out.
Flo: Not even cold water?
Me: No. Not even cold. There is no water.
Flo: Have you tried the kitchen?
Me: Yes, and the other bathroom and the toilets. There is no water, hot or cold, coming out of any orifice in this apartment. At all. None. No water. And I just want to know how long I have to wait to cook my dinner and use the bathroom.
Flo: Well, honey, I just don't know.
Me: Maybe you could find out?
Flo: (Sighs. Pictures life in Florida with here sister and no pesky tenants asking about water. Sighs again.) Alright.


AJ said...

I want to meet Flo. I think of her with long grey-hair, jean capris and a tank top regardless of the season, perpetually sitting at her kitchen table chain smoking. Even close?

Nunazuna said...

I love that you like to tell funny stories. I love when I have time to read your blog. I love that your stories are all your reality. I love you!

So this Flo lady, does she own 2 diners in Chino. Cuz, obviously she sucks when it comes to plumbing but that woman sure can cook a hell of a breakfast!

Gina said...

Look for the El Camino outside of your apartment today...maybe.

Rach said...

My favorite part of that sad sad story is that her name is Flo. Just being named Flo paints a lovely picture. I hope you got your water back stat so you didn't get stuck without facilities. Because that just isn't right.

Mindie said...

Ok. So we called too. My hubby said there was no water. I trusted him. I called Flo. She said there should be cold water. I tried. Guess what came out...Cold water! I said ok I have cold water. I was super humgry and excited to make chicken salad. So I get all the stuff out to make the salad, everything needs to be rinsed. I turn on the faucet. Guess what happened. NOTHING. No more water. Urg! Long story short, the water heaters storage area floor was sinking in. The workers replaced the floor, and re-installed the water heaters (2 100 gallong heaters) Upon reinstallation, there was a leak, which caused the sink in in the beginning. They needed a part. It would take 20 more minutes without water. So fun!!!

The Katzbox said...

I love the irony that the lady's name is Flo and the water just doesn't want to.....