Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I reached up and felt a spear lodged in my head

The CD was disk 1 of Troubadour by Donovan. I love this CD because 1.) It has one of my possible Top 10 songs on it - Catch the Wind, and 2.) there are a few songs on there that you listen to and you instantly can picture a gogo dancing scene from a movie. You know, girls in short dresses and white boots, guys in tight pants, love beads, side burns, psychedelic lights flashing, groovy man. Like that club in the movie Cactus Flower. What, you haven't seen Cactus Flower? You should. Really.


I had a rough night and now I'm feeling slightly loose around the edges and wobbly, like a bobble-head Rachel. I've been fighting off a sinus infection and last night it laid siege on my head. I woke up around midnight with a headache that was so bad I actually put my hand to my forehead and was surprised to find that there wasn't a spear lodged in it. It certainly felt like there should have been one. A big one, with splintery wood.

So I was up for a couple of hours waiting for the medication to kick in and for the room to stop spinning (does anyone else get dizzy when you have a sinus infection? I'm going to have to wear a helmet pretty soon from all the running into walls I've been doing.) and I ended up watching Jimmy Fallon's show. He was actually pretty funny. I generally think he's a little too ticky but he seems to have calmed down. He was interviewing Anne Hathaway and, I don't know, I just feel sort of awkward whenever I see her. Like she's this close to saying something embarrassing because she's the type of girl you don't expect to hear it from so she wants to shock you with her Worldly Knowledge. So then I turned it over to Craig Ferguson and he was interviewing Mary Louise Parker, who I also feel awkward watching because she comes off as actually having a ton of Worldly Knowledge and it's intimidating. Plus she was wearing the shortest dress I've ever seen which presented a scenario fraught with Worldly Knowledge.

I feel like I'm rambling. Am I rambling? This is the affect no sleep and a spear to the head have on me. But I wanted to point out that it wasn't just the sinus infection that made it a rough night.

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The Katzbox said...

I used to follow Fallon on Twitter as he was preparing for his show and he was, indeed, twitchy. He tweeted constantly and shot pics, which were actually kind of cute. He settled down a bit after production picked up. I stopped following him after that. I'm rather voyeuristic like that. It was like watching a train wreck-only electronically....weird....and when he became relatively normal, I stopped watching....this is why I'm in psychology-to figure out my own stuff....and now I'm rambling.....sorry....