Sunday, March 28, 2010

Do they have hayrides in The Iraq?

1.) Did you think I was joking about the hayrides at my grandpa's 89th birthday party?

Because I wasn't.

Oh how we laughed and laughed. Even when we passed by a bunch of cows and my uncle said, "Those will be dinner in about 90 days."
2.) Is anyone else watching Amazing Race? And if so, weren't you so relieved when the cowboys were safe? And also, if you're not watching it, why not? Do you know what you're missing? That Miss Teen USA contestant who gave the glorious answer as to why some Americans can't find America on the map. She said one of the reasons why she wanted to be on the show is to prove to people that she's not as dumb as she sounded in that answer. I am happy to report she is failing brilliantly at this.


Erin said...

My very favorite thing about the cowboys is that they put on their board shorts AND cowboy hats to go out on that boat.

Rach said...

Okay, you have me convinced. I'll start watching the Amazing Race. If "The Iraq" chick is on there, I know I'm in for some good laughs, and what else is the point of watching reality TV?

Hayrides are the best.

AJ said...

I was SO HAPPY that the cowboys made it. I was for Jeff and Jordan, but now I'm for Jet and Cord...are those really their names?

camille said...

1) I am loving my hair color in this picture.
2) "Every one is anonymous on this decision....uh..uh..I mean unanimous" ~The Iraq's b-friend. AWESOME!

camille said...
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Gina said...

So glad Camille mentioned the "anonymous" line. I bet that couple couldn't find the USA on a map. Honestly...they are so ridiculously dumb, but they are God's children, right?

Since I'll never see Sarah Jane Knecht Alexander again in life, I'm glad that I get to see her in this picture with a peace sign. I miss Sarah. So glad to see Jessica and Camille's forehead. :) Dang, I'm so sad I missed the party.

How did the joke-off go?

Gina said...

Wait...I think that's Lindsay's forehead. :)

Chris said...

I love the Amazing Race too!

I love the pics of Grandpa's party. I wish I could have been there.