Sunday, March 21, 2010

This Cold Can Not Be Contained.

My head cold is trying to break free. It seems that my head can no longer contain it because it is trying to come out of my left ear and right eye. Last night my ear clogged up and I woke up at around 4am to it throbbing and ringing. So I took some drugs and went on line to see if there was anything else I could immediately do to 1.) relieve the pain and 2.) unclog it. This was an astronomically bad idea. Because do you know what people love to do on those websites that ask for medical advice? They love to tell their horror stories. "My ear was clogged for 3 months!" "I had ringing in my ear for a week and then I lost my hearing completely!" "I had to have surgery and do you know what the doctor found? Two pairs of socks and the entire touring company of Cats!" Because that's what it feels like in there. Also, the clog has distorted all sound. So today in church all the music sounded slightly off key and when people spoke I would hear them in my good ear then hear a muffled and screechy version of them a millisecond later in my clogged ear.

And then there is my eye. I noticed it was a little red before church but when I got into Primary Teresa said, "You have something in the corner of you eye." So I went to brush it out and when I pulled my finger away there was the LARGEST EYE BOOGER I HAVE EVER SEEN. Teresa is a world class gal for not flinching, as I did when I saw it. It's been oozing all afternoon. And I'm officially grossed out by it.

I mentioned earlier that I thought either my immune system has been compromised or aliens life forms have taken over my body. My money is on the aliens. Feel free to share your own personal clogged ear/oozy eye horror stories.


Brooke said...

I hope you feel better soon!

When my brother Dallin was about three, he had pressure in his ear and stuck a piece of uncooked spaghetti in it. Broke his eardrum. He's fine now, but he's had tubes in and out of his ears since then.

The Katzbox said...

Oh! So sorry about your ear and eye. Very very sorry...

I am the pink-eye queen. I have been since childhood. My eye will rise up in rebellion in the middle of the afternoon, appear to puke the next morning, and feel better by mid morning the next day. Weirdest eye malady ever. It's transient pink-eye.

You're a trooper for going to Church, had a golden pass to miss...and you probably should have stayed home, in hindsight....

Well! Find a good book (hope you zeroed in on one from your previous post), get on some seriously comfy clothes, drink salty, garlicy chicken broth and honey-sweetened tea, and relax until you feel human.

Just keep posting...


P.S. You made me visualize eye-puke. Well done!!!!

Amanda said...

I can't believe I even read the comments. I was prepared for the worst eye booger story and really don't have a stomach for that. Something pulled me in. Glad to not be sitting here barfing on my computer. All I can say is that I hope you feel better! I posted the first of several Hawaii posts.

Kelly said...

Oh that does sound gross and I am truly sorry. I had a head full of gunk this past month that turned ugly too. I finally persuaded my MD husband that it was a sinus infection. I was constantly equalizing my ears and hearing a rattling sound like marbles when I'd bend over, etc.

The funky thing I can do with my eye (and only the right one) is that sometimes when I plug my nose and blow fluid flow out in an arc. It is a great party trick. Feel free to be jealous!

Rachel said...

When I woke up with the still-clogged ear and I contemplated not going to church but decided against it because
1.) It was ward conference and we would have stake visitors
2.) My 1st counselor is out of town and our secretary had to leave early,
3.) I had missed 2 sundays out of the last 3, and
4.) My eye wasn't oozing then.

After the eye-booger incident I washed my hands as often as possible and tried really hard not to maul children. And now I'm paranoid that I've started the pink-eye epidemic of '010.

Andrea said...

My cold last month was a doozy. I hacked up both my lungs a few times, lost my voice entirely, had a plugged nose, plugged ears, and when it was all over I was left with a nice, lovely stye on my lower eyelid. I don't think they should be called styes, they should be called exactly what they are: zits on the eyelid. This one was huge, more on the inside of my eyelid. And I already suffer from major dry eyes so throw that into the was just horrible. And the thought of having to go to a doctor so he could take a little pin to it...nope, instead I waited it out. Fourteen days later it finally went away, hallelujah. Hope you feel better soon!

Rach said...

I don't really have any good stories. We got pinkeye constantly as kids, and I always knew it was going to be a fun day when I woke up with my eyelids glued shut. As for ear stories, I played piccolo. I had ringing in my ears for most of my time in Philharmonic. And it's the excuse I use when I yell at my kids (I thought I was speaking normally. It's because of the piccolo.)

teresa p said...

Don't worry, I really don't think you're contagious at this point. By the way, I'm the kind of gal who wants someone to tell me when I have something stuck in my teeth (or in my eye), so I was more worried about offending you than getting sick. I felt bad you had to come at all yesterday.

Stephanie said...

Oh - the life of a primary president. Things will get better.

The only real eye booger story has to do with my daughter. In November, she came down with crazy eye boogers - enough that her eyes would close shut during the night and we would have to rinse them off in the morning for her to be able to see. She thought it was hilarious and would come into my room laughing like a hyena saying "I can't see you, mom." I was a little sad to see them go.

Angela Noelle said...

I hate the hearing issues.

I got freaky-ear-blockedness while I was still teaching full-time - projecting one's voice in the classroom/gym whilst in this state is scary business.

You have my sympathy!