Friday, March 5, 2010

Vegas is Sparkly

Hi pals, I'm back. I missed you. Let's go out for hot chocolate or something.

1.) Nearly every person who had to transport me over the last week came down with the stomach flu. First Rach, then Stacy, and now Sam. I would like to give a pre-apology to Katie and Heather who picked me up from the airport last night. I feel as fresh as a daisy so I seem to be just a carrier instead of a victim. But then, I have to be nigh unto death in order to throw up. If it makes them feel any better I once prayed for death on the floor of a bathroom after throwing up for 6 straight hours during a previous trip to Utah.
2.) I heard this announcement over the loud speaker last night at the Long Beach airport: "Will the following parties please report to terminal 2: Bob Wilson, Meredith Smith, Rick-Rick." And also, I love flying into Long Beach because you get to walk off the plane and onto the tarmac, like your the president, or the Beatles. I always wave when I come out of the plane door.
3.) There will be no Cute Nephew stories here because I really don't want to become that person. But I will say that my nephews are cute. Probably cuter than yours but I don't want to hurt your feelings.
4.) I will also not bore you with a travelogue of what I did in Vegas because it mostly consists of talking and eating and talking and laughing and talking some more and playing games in our hotel room while talking and laughing and talking and then I straightened Laura's hair and then we talked and laughed.
5.) We chose to meet in Las Vegas because it was the most easily accessible spot for all of us to meet up - and really, I would travel to the ends of the earth to be with those girls - but I hate Vegas. You can't convince me that it is a worth-while place. I neither drink, nor gamble, nor flash my bosoms to the world. It is completely lost on me.
6.) Well, almost completely. Because the Liberace Museum is priceless. Priceless, I say! You MUST go there. There are disco ball cars and lots and lots of feathered and rhinestoned capes. And tour guides with really bad wigs - I'm talking doll hair kind of wigs - who will tell you that the reason why Liberace started wearing all those big beautiful costumes was because he had a gig at the Hollywood Bowl and he wanted the couples necking in the top rows to be able to see him. Oh, it was heaven. It hardly seems possible that my dreams of seeing Wayne Newton in concert and visiting the Liberace Museum have come true within 8 months of each other. Would someone like to sponsor my trip to
Graceland to complete the trifecta?


Amanda said...

I won't sponsor the trip to Graceland, but might meet you there, if you will post pictures of the girls during the trip. I LOVE the Liberace outfit, but must see my girls together!!!

The Katzbox said...

oh my gosh...I had to look twice at that picture....I had no idea that was an actual outfit! I thought it was some kind of chandelier. That is crazy stuff....

So happy that you had fun.

BTW, I love cute/funny nephew stories....

Rach said...

I'm glad to hear that you didn't come down with my stomach bug. I'm sorry that Sam and Stacy did. I feel somewhat responsible. It was so wonderful to see you, and I hope you don't let the fact that I spent half our time losing it in the bathroom deter you from coming back to Utah some time. Or, considering your track record for stomach flu in Utah, maybe I should just come see you.

I love the picture from the Liberace museum. It's perfect.

Jenny said...

Just so you know, Graceland is a massive disappointment. It's become the worst kind of tourist trap surrounded by horrible strip malls in a questionably safe area. I like to think of Elvis in such a better light than that. You know, ignore the fat drug years and think of him when he's young and pretty. Graceland has definitely descended into the fat drug years.

If I think of a suitable Graceland substitute, I'll let you know.

Stephanie said...

I want to go to Graceland with you!! It's expensive and campy, but I bet you would make it an exquisite trip filled with wonder and laughter. I've only been near it - sigh.

I've heard Dollywood is amazing. We should have gone when we had the chance. It's especially wonderful, I've heard, because Dolly herself makes daily appearances.

The Family George said...

Oh how I love your blog! Thanks for making me laugh!

Heath said...

Best quote ever:
"Liberace occupies his own special rhinestone-studded niche in the American dream."
--The Wall Street Journal