Friday, March 26, 2010

Nun chucking detective

One of the glorious things about being a well-known book lover is that occasionally people send me books. Just for the fun of it.

(Dear People of the World: I also love peanut M&Ms and Slurpee machines! Hugs and Kisses, Rachel)

Is there anything better than finding an unexpected package on your doorstep addressed to you and inside are books? There isn't!

So you can imagine my joy when I barely heard a knock on the door (Day 6 of the Great Ear Clog of '010. DAY SIX!!!!!!!!!! I'm officially dying.) and I opened it to find a package addressed to me and inside were two books from my dear and wonderful and lovely and beautiful friend Amanda.

So I called her up to thank her and, as our conversations normally go, we ended up masterminding elaborate schemes. This time it is the scheme of me becoming a nun-chucking detective. Brilliant, right? Because I already have the nun chucks and I am pretty well practiced at spying on my neighbor who lives behind my apartment complex. When I sit at my desk I have a direct view down into his yard and he comes out almost every day to trim the hedges behind his house. I've started wondering that maybe he's wrapped up in some sort of espionage because who needs to trim the hedges every single day?

Admit it, you're just a little bit sad that the Cold War has ended. Spy work was so much more glamorous when it was against the Russians.


The Katzbox said...

The Cold war was all kinds of James Bondy fun. To be a spy looked so glamorous. However, if I had to "work" Moscow, I would never ever have been beautiful. I don't "do" cold weather well. My eyes get watery, my nose drips, my skin becomes an odd combination of's freakish.

Feel better soon and gives us book reports!!!

Mariah said...

Just affirming that fact that I find you VERY funny. Hope you can hear again soon.

Amanda said...

I guess we've totally baled on the Karaoke private investigator, huh? It didn't even get a mention. :)

Rach said...

There is always a need for spies. And nunchuck skills. Please combine the two and then write about it in witty, sassy mystery novels, with you as the super amazing protagonist. I will buy ever book you write. Especially if you slip in a few descriptions that include the phrase "liquid topaz". You know that's a magic phrase.