Monday, January 2, 2012

The Great Hambino

All the Knechts have returned to their homes in Utah (Dear Utah, I thing you're dumb.  Please give me back my loved ones.  Regards, Rachel)  and I am left sighing over pictures of the Nephs and Niece.  Like these on Camille's blog.  Or these on Gina's which includes a brief video of Tom's tap dance routine.  Whenever there was a lull we'd get the cane out and make Tom dance for us.

A few days ago we took the boys to the park and while watching them play we noticed a little butter ball of a kid.  He was about three or four, short and round, his hair was buzzed high and tight and he wore a rugby shirt and grey sweatpants.  He kept chasing after groups of bigger kids, desperate to play with anything that moved.  I instantly wanted to take him home.  To my joy he latched on to Ben who brought him over to our blanket and said, "This is Jake."

And then Jake said,

"Hi.  I'm Jacob.  But you can call me Jake.  My dad beats up bad guys.  He does karate moves on them.  I know karate.  Are those grapes?  Can I have some grapes?  Hey, Ben, let's eat grapes!  That's my mom over there.  Hi mom! (We all wave in a "we're not going to kidnap your son" way.) Is that a ball?  Hey, Ben, let's kick this ball around. (Ben kicks the ball and Jake puts his head down and charges after it, only to pick it up and carry it back to Ben.) I got the ball!  I got the ball!  Ben, Ben, Ben, I got the baaaaalllll!!!!!  Kick it again!  This ball is great.  Let's run. (The run around for a few minutes as only four year old boys can then come back.) We run.  Me and Ben RUUUUNNNNN!  I love to run.  (We are now joined by Tom who starts eating some grapes.) Hey, Tom, share the grapes with Jake!  Jake loves grapes.  Let's go play in the sand.  Bye, bye, bye, byyyyyyeeeeeee!!!!!!!"

This went on for about 30 minutes.  Jake would come over and talk and talk and talk.  His mom would follow and apologize for him lounging on our blanket and eating our grapes and I would wave her off because who doesn't love a kid like Jake?

When we got home we told everyone about this kid. 

Me:  "He was pudgy and cute."
Kylea:  "He talked non-stop."
Casey:  "He was the Great Hambino."

Yes.  That's it exactly.  He's the Great Hambino at age four.


Rach said...

Awesome. My Jacob used to go visit other families at their blankets at the park, and I was the mom following him and telling him to stop eating other people's grapes. But he's not chunky and he never has been. That would be Tyler, who we have nicknamed "Cannonball." Kids at the park are fun to watch, aren't they? I'm sorry your family has all come to Utah. Maybe it's a sign that you need to get a job in Ogden and be my neighbor.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I dated him.