Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I have many New Years resolutions.  Near the top of my list is to find out who is making the Kardashians so popular and destroy them.

What's yours?


Rach said...

I have all the predictable ones, like losing weight and becoming healthier (hah!), but mostly, my goal is to make everything I have pinned on Pinterest. My house will be stuffed from top to bottom with fabulous crafts and thousands of activities for children, and we will eat perfect meals every night. Actually, we did eat a Pinterest meal last night that was pretty good. How can you go wrong with crescent rolls, pepperoni and string cheese?

pollicino said...
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Amanda said...

I usually do resolutions on my birthday instead of the new year that way I have a month and a half to get going and re-resolve if need be. This year I'm going the other way. I think I'll be setting my goals in March. That way I can tell people in April that I'm doing well on my New Year's Resolutions and people will be really impressed and think I am a model of self control and discipline.