Monday, January 30, 2012

The Big Five

On Thursday of last week I was weepy.  For various reasons, not all of them bad.  One, in fact, was quite good (Later.  I'll tell you later. I don't know...I'm feeling superstitious.)  I had hit that point where you cannot stop crying, even though reason has set in and the sun has come out and the Blue Bird of Happiness is chirping in the tree outside your window.  And yet, you can't stop.  I've talked about crying here enough times to know that there are several of you out there who know what I'm talking about.  And if you don't know what I'm talking about can you bottle that magic and pass it around?

So, anyway, I was crying, and it got to the point where I had to resort to the Big Five.  The five things that, when combined, form a shield of awesomeness around me and make me feel like life can go on despite all the evidence against such a feat.  They are:

1.)  Pajamas (life cannot be so bad if at the end of the day you get to take your bra off and put on stretchy pants.)
2.)  My pink bathrobe that may as well be my boyfriend
3.)  Toast with butter and jam
4.)  Hot chocolate
5.)  The Blue Castle. (This book is like aloe on a sunburn, like aspirin on a headache, like  raw bacon on your chest when you have an upper-respiratory infection.)

It worked.  On Friday morning I woke up happy as a happy thing. The world may go on.

What are you Big Fives?


Heidi said...

1. Stretchy pants/no bra too!
2. Bath (With a magazine & the door locked) ahhhh! I want it now.
3. Japanese Food (teppan if I feel like going out, fried rice) sushi if I feel like staying in.
4. Lotion on my feet
5. Good sleep!


PS hoping I can get The Blue Castle on my kindle. Never heard of it, but love LM Montgomery.

Andrea said...

1. PJs (Definitely have to agree with you on that one.)
2. Shopping at Target
3. Baking cookies
4. The movie Gidget
5. chocolate shake/frozen yogurt/ice cream/basically any type of frozen treat

Rach said...

1. PJs (have you seen the PJ jeans? I may have to get some for those unwanted runs to the store on bad days)
2. Indulgent TV watching, usually either a nice British period drama or Vampire Diaries.
3. Chocolate in any form.
4. My blankie. Yes, I have a blankie.
5. When I'm up to leaving the house, shoe shopping. Never clothes shopping, because most of the time the weeping stems from clothing that won't fit, but my feet have stayed the same size since I was 14.

aprilaleman said...

PJs (every girls must)
Arrested Development (or some other equally funny show)
Laying on my couch with a soft blankey

Stephanie said...

I'm not so big on the PJs, but I love stretchy pants.
My nice warm bed.
Making a baby fall asleep in my arms.
Afternoon naps.

aprilaleman said...

I take it back... give me a big 44oz soda from a fountain and the world is good again!