Friday, January 13, 2012

Magic Hair

I had a very surprise job interview this morning (fingers crossed, kids).  I got the call at 9 and told him that I could be down in an hour.  To a place that was at least 20 minutes away.  And I had not showered yet.  And my hair definitely needed to be washed.  And since I refuse to go into job interviews, or out in public for that matter, with a wet pony tail because it is a sign of defeat, it needed to be blown dry.

Now you're saying that this is impossible right?  Because, considering my tumbleweediness and all of those cowlicks, my hair generally takes a solid 20 minutes to tame, which I did not have.  I had 5.  And yet, it happened.  Because I think my hair dryer was swapped out for some sort of government sponsored top secret super machine that the Soviets would love to get their hands on.  My hair was dry in 4 minutes and needed exactly 3 swipes of the straightening iron and suddenly it was the best hair day of my life.  Sometimes magic happens just when you need it.


Chris said...


Rach said...

I think this job must be meant to be. Magic hair doesn't just happen for no reason.

Andrea said...

Ahh, tender mercies. My fingers are crossed for you!

Stephanie said...

Fingers and toes crossed for you! Keep us updated.

Angela said...

Oh no.

I don't even own a hairdryer.

What does this mean for us?
and the club?!