Monday, February 18, 2013

Harrison, Harding, and Polk

1.  Happy Presidents Day!  And let's hear it for the lesser ones, the ones you never really think about.  Like Rutherford B Hayes.  Or Calvin Coolidge ("PUT TOGETHER!" Name the movie for a million imaginary points.) Or Taft, or Van Buren, or Arthur, or Polk.  Does anyone know anything about Polk?  Note to self: research Polk.

2.  I honored the presidents by staying in bed this morning and finishing Fire.  Gah!  That was a fun read. And later in the day I went over to the church where the kids were having a Book of Mormon Read-a-thon, where members of the ward came and read out loud to them.  The whole book. Over three days.  (Note: if you're planning on doing this bring some air freshener. By the third day it smelled very strongly of Teenager Funk.) I don't know about the kids but I had a good time. I've mentioned recently how much I enjoy reading out loud.  Remember how much Jo March hated reading out loud to her Aunt Josephine?  I think I would have loved it.

3.  Kaiya, my little pal and founding member of the Art Society, drew me this picture:
 With this description on the back:

"You're a star that shines so brightly that is why I made you this."

And then I cried myself into a slobbery puddle because of all the cuteness.

4.  I watched Oprah interviewing Daniel Day-Lewis tonight and while I find Oprah to be insufferable (she never lets her guests talk! She will not shut up about all the epiphanies she has had.) I managed to develope a bit of a crush on Daniel Day-Lewis.  I think I've only ever seen him in A Room With a View (Ah, Cecil.) because in every other movie he is playing some kind of vile character and I'm not sure that I've ever seen him interviewed.  But holy cats!  He came across as a little bashful but incredibly charming.  Lincoln is officially on my summer viewing list (when I can stay awake past 9.)


Mary P said...

Singing in the Rain :)
I am happy to report that I have used that quote twice this year already!

Rach said...

Note to self: Watch Singing in the Rain. It's clearly been too long.

Also, I have Fire sitting on my dresser, waiting patiently for me to have a minute to read it without constant interruption. I also have Bitter Blue sitting next to it. I hope the library doesn't mind if I renew them a few times so I can have the Perfect Day of Reading.

I love it when kids do sweet things (I teared up when Jacob made me heart-shaped toast, and then when he wasn't looking full-out cried.) That is a wonderful picture.

I'd like to see Lincoln, too. It's on my long DVD rental list for Spring.