Tuesday, February 26, 2013

No badge required

Emsy invited me to once again join her at Medieval Times last week.  Naturally I accepted.  Life tip:  you do not pass up a night of jousting and eating copious amounts of food with your hands.  I met her at her office and we decided to use the bathroom before leaving because the bathroom sitch at MT is sketchy.  So she put her stuff in my car and then I decided I didn't need to take my purse in so I threw it in and shut the door and immediately realized that my keys were in there.  Ugh.  I HATE locking my keys in my car.  I haven't done it in years.  But the last two times I did it were within 24 hours of each other and I vowed it wouldn't happen again.  FAIL! But Em was a trooper and didn't even flinch and we used the security guard's cell phone to call AAA (she also, incredibly generously, offered to let us use her car and credit card and said she would just find a ride home.  We decided to not be enormous jerks and thanked her for the offer but declined.)

So we still had to pee and decided to do so while waiting for AAA to arrive.  Em works for the government so she asked the same security guard if I needed a badge or visitor pass to go inside the building.  And then the guard may have said the funniest thing I heard all night, in a night full of funny things, mind you.  "No," she said, "you don't need a badge to tinkle."  I nearly died.  And I decided that it was worth locking my keys in the car to hear that.


Rach said...

Hee hee. Tinkle.

Anonymous said...

Flash forward a few minutes to Emsy tackling every man she knows as they streamed out of the building, and NOT ONE of them was cool enough to know how to break into a car. Not even the one with the Slim Jim.