Thursday, February 21, 2013

I am not really pretty in pink though

Valerie's friend sent her some questions to answer and she did.  And then she asked us all to answer so I am.  Because I do what Valerie says.  And I like this sort of thing. 
1. If someone kindly offers you something you really just do not want, are you the kind of person who
a) accepts graciously
b) accepts but reluctantly and perhaps trashes the item later
c) flat-out refuses, in a trying-to-be-friendly way, but you really stand your ground, potentially making things quite awkward. But in my defense, they kept pressing and no means no, man!

b.  But always politely.  I will say that I have no problem throwing things away that have been gifted to me.  Does that make me a jerk?  Even if I'm super nice and gracious about receiving it?  Because I really am.  I'm sincerely touched by the intent.  But maybe it's just not my thing.  I love you all the same.

2. People are often told they look like a famous person. Who's someone you've been told you look like? 

Twice in one day I was told that I looked like Molly Ringwald. It has not happened since.  But I get it, we both have long faces and downward turning mouths. And I was wearing her prom dress from Pretty in Pink (ugh, I wish).

3. What sense would you lose if you had to lose one? 

There are many days when I wish my nose would stop working because you people wear a lot of perfume and cologne.  Yes, you do.  You think you don't but you totally do. And I was working out the other day next to the Stinkiest Man on the Planet.  Merciful Heavens! I could taste the stench that was coming from him.  And then I started to panic.  What if I smell like that.  Surely he doesn't realize he stinks.  What if I don't realize I stink.  I mean, I'm at the gym, we all stink.  But this was a debilitating stink. Please don't let me stink like that.  So, maybe smell.  But then food wouldn't taste as good.  Hmm.  This is a toughy.  Touch maybe?  But what would that be like?  Like you're numb all over?  I'm in a spiral.  I can't decided.  NONE!  I GIVE UP NONE OF THEM!

4. Are you a fight or flight kind of person? Give an example.

Well, this is much easier, flight.  I would rather do almost anything in the world than confront someone.  I am a coward. There are too many examples to list. But I will say that I have a bit of a sassy pants streak that makes me want to fight but whenever I attempt it I find I come off more as a jerk than a defender of justice.  I have never found success with fight.

5. What are one or more foods that you used to hate but now absolutely love? 

Cucumbers.  HAAAAAATED them.  Up until last July when I could think of nothing else but eating one.  It took me weeks to convince myself to pick one up at the store but I finally did and I haven't been able to stop eating them since.  I have cucumbers every single day.

6. What's a food you used to love but now hate?

I don't know that this has happened to me before but I will say that I used to love donuts and still crave them from time to time but am always disappointed when I eat one now.  The sugar is too much and I feel awful afterwards. This is a bit of a heartbreaker for me.

7. If you had to name your child one of these names, which would you pick?
a. Gertrude -
b. Hilda -
c. Bathsheba
d. Chastity

Gertrude.  I kind of love old lady names on babies.  But I knew a Hilda once and she was one of the sweetest people I've met.  So I have nice associations with it.  Bathsheba is too fraught with Biblical connotations and Chastity just seems like a bad set-up.

8. What's your dream job? Like, if you lived in an alternate universe. For me, an astronaut, or a world class cellist. 

I'm with Val's friend on this one:  an astronaut.  It always has been, since I was a wee kid.  Lately, in fact, I've been dreaming about it more and more. I mean, seriously, what would it take to get me up to the International Space Station for a month's visit?  I keep hoping that NASA will sponsor some sort of writing contest.   

9. What's a movie you daydream of being the star of? 

Easy, the Sound of Music.  You get to run around Austria AND make out with the Captain.  It's a no-brainer.

10. If a T-Rex suddenly appeared in your neighborhood, where would you hide? 

The roof of my apartment building.  They can't climb, can they?  I mean, they have those stubby little arms. So unless we're dealing with a really tall one, I think I would be okay up there. Although now that I think about it, I have no idea how tall T-Rexes get.  You may recall that one time I went to the Natural History Museum I didn't get to see the dinosaur bones because we were to busy looking at all the ancient earthenware.  Still bitter, fourth grade teacher!

11. What's one of your favorite things/lines/paragraphs ever written? yes, you have to go find it for me.

Can I do two?  From Good Omens about the Other Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse: "Death and Famine and War and Pollution continued biking towards Tadfield. And Grievous Bodily Harm, Cruelty to Animals, Things Not Working Properly Even After You've Given Them a Good Thumping but secretly No Alcohol Lager, and Really Cool People travelled with them." 

And from Jane Eyre because it is the truest thing every written:  "Come, Miss Jane, don't cry," said Bessie as she finished. She might as well have said to the fire, "don't burn!"

12. What's one great lesson (as in huge. It can be great too, though) you've learned since becoming a mother?  

I hope that when I become I mom I have learned how to lasso. That could come in handy.

13. You have mint chocolate chip ice cream and fudge brownie ice cream. Which do you choose after dinner?  

Is this a legitimate questions?  Because if you have both as an option why don't you just have both?  Halfsies.  I suppose if I had to choose it would be fudge brownie, but why choose?

14. What are you currently watching on Netflix? or the last thing you watched. Can you give me a quote from it or something noteworthy? 

I watched an episode of 30 Rock last night before going to bed. All the episodes run together in my head.  I think Jack did a DeNiro impression.

15. What's a secret about you that nobody knows?  

Mmmmmmm, uncomfortable.  I hate sharing secrets.

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Rach said...

I had a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough, one of mint cookie, and one of chocolate fudge brownie for lunch today, because my logic is the same as yours. Why choose? Also, the ability to lasso really would be a great skill. Especially at the park when I'm not wearing sensible shoes. I loved Good Omens, and the quote you put down is really quite fantastic. And the Jane Eyre one applies to both of us so well, doesn't it.