Wednesday, February 13, 2013


You know I don't pick favorites but I would have to say that my favorite cookie is my mom's chocolate chip.  And then an oatmeal chocolate chip.  And then a nice lemon cookie. And on the bottom would be anything with raisins or anything that someone claims is healthy.  Why would I want to eat a healthy cookie?  And also, why are you giving me a healthy cookie?  Do you hate me?

Somewhere in the middle of that list is the snickerdoodle.  Sure, I like them, but I would never request them.  And if there were other options (that didn't have raisins or wheat germ in them) then I'd choose those first.  That is, until tonight.  My seminary kids requested snickerdoodles so I pulled out the America's Test Kitchen baking book and made their recipe and Knights of Columbus!  If those weren't the best cookies I've ever eaten I don't know what were.  They were buttery and sugary and cinnamony and the edges were crisp and the centers were chewy and my whole place smells like Baked Goods Heaven now. I had two.  And will probably have two tomorrow as well.  And then work out for two hours.  But worth it, right?


teresa p said...

Molasses (sp?), then oatmeal chocolate chip, then gingersnap, then regular chocolate chip. Snickerdoodles are good, too, but I'm like you, not my first request. Argh, commmas,,,,,

Stephanie said...

Cookies are my kryptonite. I get weak at the very thought of them. I don't believe I have ever had a cookie I didn't like (that was homemade, that is). I have had to limit my cookie making because even the bad cookies are too much temptation for me. ATK rocks at anything baking, so I'm not surprised about the snickerdoodles. I make a very good chocolate chip, and my frosted sugar cookie is swoonworthy. My favorite, however, is the Mexican wedding cookie, with or without nuts. Mmmmm, coooookie

Rach said...

Chocolate chip are usually my favorite, but there are some called Happy Rangers that have a bunch of stuff thrown in (NEVER NUTS when I make them) that I crave from time to time. Then they're my faves. I have a great recipe for snickerdoodles that I discovered when I lived in Mississippi. When you're in the South, you have to have a food you make that defines you. I was the snickerdoodle girl. I still get comments from my friends there about how they made some of Rachel's snickerdoodles.