Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sparkles every Sunday!

On Sunday before church started I was sitting with two little girls about preschool age, one who normally sits with me through some of the meeting until she gets bored with me and another who just followed her in.   We were discussing our outfits.  They both were pointing out the finer details of their dresses:

"I have a bow here and a bow here."
"I have a ruffle."
"I have sparkles."
"I have sparkles too."

I looked at my own outfit and to my horror discovered that I didn't have any bows, ruffles, or sparkles.  I pointed out my necklace which was colorful but not shiny and my ring which was shiny but essentially just a piece of metal.  They were rightfully unimpressed. 

I have got to up my game.  From here on out there will be sparkles every Sunday!

1 comment:

Rach said...

It's all about the sparkles. Clearly it's been a while since we were roommates, because I remember everything about that time as sparkly, including our clothes.