Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Feel Good

Here's your feel-good story of the day:

A car got towed from the Institute parking lot this morning and then about an hour later the owner came in. He was in a panic and also deaf. Spenser, who knows sign language (and who was not supposed to be there at that time), was in my office and started translating for him. The panic wasn't just for his car. He had a job interview in 15 minutes and the clothes he was going to wear for it were in the car, now sitting in an impound lot 10 miles away. So no car and no clothes. Spenser and Meke offered to take him to his home to get some clothes, then to the interview, then back to the Institute. Meanwhile, I called the tow company and asked them to release his car, no charge, even though he was parked illegally, thanks to Jackie who said, "Let's do something nice today." Then the tow company called me and said they would just bring the car to us rather than make him come pick it up. So the kid came back to his car waiting for him. And he got the job.

I love that my kids at the Institute are such sweethearts. And I love that God's hand is in every detail. Even when you make a mistake and park illegally.


Camille said...

Good people doing good things

sarahgurl said...

Maybe now he'll take an institute class so he can park there legally!

Tessy said...

Nawww warm fuzzies!!