Monday, April 6, 2015

The Gatekeeper

I'm just going to show you these tacos before we get started:

I consumed about a third of this plate. And then promptly fell into a meat coma. You should go get some

Also this weekend there was General Conference and Cinderella (you were all right, there be magic!) and Easter dinner with my family and a really good nap. It was a win.

And also, also this weekend was a trip to the used bookstore of my dreams. The Last Bookstore in downtown LA. Oh, you guys, YOU GUYS!!! Used bookstores are dying, plain and simple. But this one seems to be going strong. It's in an old bank, complete with imposing columns and a vault where they house the first additions. The main floor is pretty well organized -- set up like a regular bookstore but with $5 books everywhere you look. Upstairs is the Labyrinth, which is just a maze of nooks and bookshelves that will kill you in an earthquake. Just how a proper used bookstore should be. 

When we got up there I said to Lindsay, "I wonder what this building used to be." And then suddenly there was this wizened old man in a tank top and cowboy hat standing next to a pile of books. He said, "A bank," and I said, "Yes.  But how about in between?" And he said, "Well it's been empty for years but I did open Fashion Week with a show here once." And then he went back to sorting books. Who is this guy? Is he the Gatekeeper of the Labyrinth? Does he live up there? Was he the owner? Is he some kind of rich eccentric? He is for sure some one's crazy uncle. I wish he were mine.

I managed to make it out of there with only 3 books. I could have easily bought more, including a 32 volume set of Dickens' complete works. Restraint!

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Rach said...

Next time I come visit you we need to go to that bookstore. And those tacos look divine. Where did you get them?