Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tell it to my heart

1. Have you noticed a spike in weepiness lately? I was talking with Katie last night and we both mentioned that emotions have been running high. I'm no gauge for such things because my constant state fluctuations somewhere between On the Verge and Openly Weeping. But there is something in the air. I've had kids in my office all week sitting on my couch trying to keep it together. Is it this heat? Is it the the drought? Is it Baltimore? Do we all need to take naps and eat restorative toast? Maybe we're due for a collective viewing of Shadowlands and just let it all out.

2. The song currently stuck in my head is "Tell It To My Heart" by Taylor Dayne. I don't know, ok. Who knows how these things happen. But it's been in my head all day. And that's fine because it reminds me of that great piece that Tig Notaro did on This American Life about meeting Taylor Dayne. (It's long. But it is so funny.)

3. Did you hear what Stephen Hawking had to say about Zayn from One Direction? If this doesn't turn our mood around nothing will.


Rach said...

I have been extra weepy as well, and maybe there's something in the California water. I was just there. Or maybe it's because it's been too long since the last season of ANTM. I have never heard of Tig Notaro before, but she was hilarious. And that clip plus the Stephen Hawking clip has given me the strength to make it another day without bursting into full out sobs. Thank you.

Stacy said...

Taylor Dayne, wow. That's taking it back old school. That was funny.