Thursday, April 9, 2015

Five is right out!

1. Merciful heavens! There is a blog entirely devoted to unnecessary quotation marks. You would not believe how many professionally made signs there are with misused quotes. Which just breaks my heart that some small business owner went down to Ye Olde Sign Shop and paid hard earned cash money for a sign that ultimately makes them look not so bright. Dear people who are about to have a sign made with unnecessary quotes: "learn a book."

2. Related: on the Facebook link I put up to the quote post a friend commented that she is guilty of over-using the ellipsis. And then my boss chimed in because I got on him the other day for sending me an email with no other punctuation but ellipses. And then other people commented with the same confession. I hate to be obvious about this but keystroke for keystroke, it is easier to just type the correct punctuation. Also, it makes it easier for me to still be your friend. Ellipses are not commas! Or periods, colons, semi colons, or dashes. They have a purpose. A purpose!

3. The parking situation at the Institute is like some fairyland unicorn parade complete with unlimited nachos and slushy beverages. Which is to say, it is magically unbelievable. I bet they've towed 40 cars from our lot in the 3 weeks they've been with us. I have to remind myself to be a little bit more charitable and not so giddy when it happens. I don't really enjoy ruining some one's day but the significant decrease in the number of empty beer cans and Jack in the Box bags strewn across our lawns makes up for it.

4. Did you know that Monty Python and the Holy Grail is 40 years old. Which is my entire life. the anniversary must be this week because I've seen articles all over the place about how it changed cinema. Which may be a stretch. But it certainly has made me laugh a lot.

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