Monday, April 13, 2015

Let's have a talk, Rory.

Let's talk about Rory Gilmore's boyfriends for a sec:

1. Dean - Colossal whiner and all-around wet rag. Also, he's a bit of a hunchback with floppy bangs. Why can't you just stand up straight Dean? I know you're a giant but posture is everything. And further more, cheaters are gross. (Rory.)
2. Jess - Mean, grumpy, sullen, moody, annoying, grunting bane of Stars Hollow. Didn't we all cheer when he skulked away on the bus? (I will give Jess half of a nod for coming back in later seasons with a lot fewer caveman qualities. But still the bitter taste lingers.)
3. Logan - Entitled, bossy, condescending, also a bit of a hunchback. The last season was a joke but it ended on a high note for me if only because she gives him the kind but firm heave-ho.

I've been a fan of Gilmore Girls since the beginning so watching it on Netflix is nothing new. But watching it in such rapid fire succession has only illustrated that Rory needs a serious boyfriend intervention. How does such a smart, capable gal end up with such bums? I'm relieved that Lorelai was never fully on board with any of them. Like, what's a mom to do but give them the old side-eye and hope for the best.

I bet we can all agree on one thing - she should have given Naked Guy Marty a chance.


Tessy said...

LOVE this post! I was just thinking of this same problem today. All her boyfriends were losers in their own way but ESPECIALLY Logan. He made the last seasons so hard to watch.

Lorelai had her bad choices too though. That guy that worked with her Dad? (I couldn't even be bothered remembering his name) He was frustrating to watch too. Max Medina was up there for me. Luke made a few mistakes but the stuff she put him through were crazy.

Gilmore Girls for life!

Rach said...

I just finished binge watching it and came to the same conclusion! I like to imagine rory going off on a fantastic journalism career and meeting a smart and loving man with a winning personality when she's 30.

Andrea said...

Somehow this post made me want Bert and Rockies chocolate orange ice cream.

Andrea said...

I meant Rocky's. I get nervous when I post spelling/punctuation mistakes on your blog. ;)