Thursday, July 23, 2009

The evening started with a show and ended with a walk through a cow farm at midnight. Awesome!

I went to an Eric Hutchenson concert last night. Funny story: I only vaguely knew one song of his but because I like going to shows with fun people in small venues I decided why not. Right? Except that it was on a school night. And my school night bed-time is 10. So is my weekend bed-time. But I'm 80. I'm telling you this because if this post ends up being just an incoherent bunch of letters that means I have fallen asleep on the keyboard and as my head fell forward my nose managed to hit the right keys to publish the post.

So there I was, 80 years old, at a concert of a guy I had barely heard of, having a really fantastic time. Because his songs are super fun and catchy and he and his band were great performers and I was with Camille and my cousins Sarah and Allie. Win-win-win.

A few observations:

1.) I was standing behind the TALLEST COUPLE ON THE PLANET. They were easily 8 feet tall. They were the Jolly Green Giants of Young Love. Except that they were both wearing orange. Interesting. I managed to have a good view between their heads but they were in love and they liked to show it by kissing after every verse. And sometimes at the beginning and ending of the chorus. And all the way through the bridge. So a lot of my view consisted of them making out.

2.) Mormons love Eric Hutchenson. Just in my immediate surroundings there was my group, and the Giants (we noticed a CTR ring) and then when I was mentioning the ring the girl standing next to me was all, "Are you Mormon? So am I! Well, I was. But I'm not anymore. Obviously," as she had just spilt her cocktail on the floor.

3.) Can we please be done with the headband craze? Pretty please? You know what I'm talking about right? Not the demur ones that go on top of your head but the retarded ones that go across your forehead. Like your Pocahontas. Or an extra in Hair. There were like 20 girls there with them on (including the Giantess in front of me. Hers had feathers dangling from it!) and, sure, they're kids, and this is what kids do, they follow trends like this, but golly they look ridiculous to me. Because I'm 80.

At this point of the story it is important to note that we met up at Sarah & Allie's family's home. My uncle works for a school/farm for wayward boys and their home is on the property. Well, the gates were closed by the time we got back and neither of the girls had their remotes to get in and my car was still up at the house so Camille just dropped us off at the gate and we ended up walking up the hill to the house. In order to save a half mile or so on the walk we decided to cut through the farm. Did I mention it was midnight? And there wasn't a moon? And we were all in flip-flops. We had to cut across a ditch and walk through some pine trees with enormous spiderwebs and it smelled like skunks and manure and I had the vague feeling that I was this close to stepping in cow pies. It was pretty hilarious. I love it when fun nights end in unexpected ways.

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The Katzbox said...

Don't you love it when "ex"-Mormons love to tell you that they're "ex"? I still don't know what the appropriate response is for that. It's like, they want to feel the camaraderie cause they remember "something" good, but they're also "in the world" and they've got that whole thing's odd to me...and I'm always just, "okay!" and smiling and nodding because I never ever want them to think I'm judging them but what I'm doing is judging my own reaction to them...kind of like what I'm doing right now with this rant because this is how it affects me...see how I'm emotionally ranting here...because apparently I'm an idiot....