Friday, July 10, 2009

I got a note from my hair

Dear Rachel,

I hate you.

Your Hair


The Katzbox said...

Dear Deb,

I just emailed Rachel's hair. We discussed things. I think you know where this is going and I'm certain you're not going to like it. It's over between us. I know you've noticed that I've been leaving you a few hairs at a time; in fact, we've been leaving at a pretty fair rate lately. We just don't see the point in sticking around. Nothing personal. I just can't grow with you anymore. I say left, you say right, I say gray, you say blond. It's like, nothing I do is good enough for you. Have fun with your scalp.

Your Hair.

Thanks Rachel.

Stephanie said...

Dear Rachel's hair,

Did you know that hating something as good as Rachel will give you wrinkles?

Grow up already! Stop acting like you're in the 3rd grade!

Let's just be kind to one another! Can't we all just get along!!

Rachel's friend

the freshmaker *ting said...

lol, i just left a similar message to the girl who does my hair on her FB page...lets just say i spent the day in the desert and my hair and I are on better terms.

Anonymous said...

Dear God,

Everything was going good, and then you invented hair.

Your friend,

Wendy said...

Really? You're hair hates you? My hair loves me. I don't demand a thing from it. I wear it in a bun everyday with my bangs bobby-pinned away from my face. The hair feels no pressure to perform, and I keep my expectations low.