Monday, July 27, 2009

Six Degrees of Tony Danza

My sisters and I play this game where we try to connect ourselves to celebrities through other celebrities we've seen in person. Like 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.

For example, let's say I want to connect myself to Tony Danza. I saw Matthew Perry at a Ducks game last year - Matthew Perry was in Fools Rush in with Salma Hayek - Salma Hayek was on Ugly Betty with Judith Light - Judith Light was on Who's the Boss with Tony Danza. The trick is to see how close you can get. It helps if you have a lot of random knowledge about movies.

This game if fairly easy to play if you go to sporting events in Los Angeles. Celebrities usually show up there. We were at Dodger Stadium on Saturday and it was a cavalcade of stars. Rob Lowe, Mario Lopez (who would show up to a JV badminton team's spring car wash if it meant getting his face on camera.), Tom Arnold, Dawson from Dawson's Creek, and Larry King (to quote my brother: "Thus proving that he is not just a corpse with a microphone. Although, in this case, he looked like a corpse in a Dodger hat.) And the lead singer from Creed (bleh!) growled the national anthem. and said the lines: "through the perilous flight" and "ore the ramparts we washed." It's wrong to laugh through the national anthem, right?

Most of those won't get me very far. Well, except for Rob Lowe because he was in the West Wing (I LOVED that show. Love it!) and tons of people guest starred on that show. I once crossed the street with Laura Innes (she played the doctor with the cane on ER) and that has exploded my possibilities because if you can get yourself connected to George Clooney that connects you to Oceans 11 and that movie is gold when it comes to playing this game. Especially if you are connecting to dead actors.

So, how many people does it take for you to connect to Tony Danza?*

*Wait! I just remembered I've seen Judith Light in person. Ha! One!


Anonymous said...

one - i read your blog.

Rach said...

Here we go: I saw Marie Osmond at Tucano's. She was on Dancing with the Stars with Jenny Garth, who was in 90210 with Shannon Doherty. Shannon Doherty was on Charmed with Allysa Milano, who was on Who's the Boss with Tony Danza. And actually, I think I can leave out one of those degrees because Allysa Milano did a few episodes of 90210. Bam. I also met Robert Redford once, but that got too complicated because there were too many actors and too many choices. And none of them seemed to lead to Tony Danza. Although Robert Redford and Tony Danza might be skiing buddies.

Fishie said...

Rob Reiner filmed "Alex and Emma" at a house in which I was renting the maid's quarters--Rob Reiner had a cameo in "Throw Mama From the Train" starring Danny DeVito--Danny DeVito and Tony Danza co-starred in "Taxi".

Anonymous said...

I saw "Wicked" 2 rows back and 3 seats left of George Newburn (sp?) who was the Yetti/awkward sister love guy on "Friends", on which show starred Matthew Perry, who was in "She's Out Of Control" with Tony Danza. Kapow!

courtney said...

oh how i wish i could post the picture i have from when i met tony danza and shook his hand backstage at an embassy pictures christmas party at which i performed with roughly 20 other 10-year-olds singing and dancing to selections from "Oliver!" and that "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" song from early-80s coke commercials (Coca Cola = parent corporation of Embassy Pictures..."I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" = Pandering).

in other words, ZERO. my proudest moment and i was wearing a leotard.