Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A flea infestation would have been bad too.

A partial list of things that would have made this morning even worse:

1.) A earthquake splitting a gash in the earth and my office falling into it.
2.) Rickets

Actually, number 1 would have probably help us have a little perspective, so maybe I should just take that off.

It's better now. The major problem has been MIRACULOUSLY solved. There were angels with gold trumpets heralding the phone call that solved that one. And I had a really good lunch that included a pudding snack. But that does not mean I still couldn't do with a very long nap.

I'll be under my desk if anyone needs me.


Rach said...

Pudding is the solution to all of life's ills. That and cute nail polish.

Emmy Slusser said...

I got a three hour nap today and that seemed to have solved all the world's problems for me. . . in case of emergency, pack a fluffed pillow to work every day. And hide it under the desk. . . where you may end up. :) Love your blog!
(deb katz's daugther, Weatherford's mission friend, enbee's family)

Kelly said...

Grateful for angels and pudding snacks

Valerie said...

How about a flash flood of blood? All biblical plague style. That would be worse.

p.s. I had a similar type day last week. The only thing to do is get a fountain soda and ride it out.

Or move to Australia.

The Katzbox said...

It's always a little odd to find my daughter's response here...and nice...

What is it about pudding that puts the "mmmmmm" in about anything? Is it Cosby cell-memory?

Even when one eats pudding you automatically make the "mmmmm" shape with one's mouth as you're taking it off the spoon...

Pudding is happy food...that's what pudding is....

pudding and a pillow=heaven.