Wednesday, July 15, 2009

If you see my mug shot on the news it means I made it in.

You all know my DEEP AND ETERNAL LOVE for the fair. I'm a bit over the top about it. But it's just so awesome.

One of my favorite things at the fair are the craft competitions. I love to see what people crochet, stitch, scrapbook, sew, quilt, and macrame. You cannot imagine how many people crochet stuffed pigs. It's ridiculous! Every year I say I'm going to enter something but I always miss the deadline. Well, this year Katie decided to enter something and she's way on top of things, so in between dying from pneumonia and traveling to Utah she managed to keep us on task and we got our entry forms in on time.

Yesterday was the official drop off time so after work I headed down to the fair grounds and drove right on in. As in I got to drive onto the fair grounds, past the exhibit halls and right up to the race track. Super fun!

Now, this is not my first time driving around the fair grounds when it's empty. In my previous life as a school district drone I organized and dropped off the entries for the education expo they hold there. But I always entered from the east side and went by the farm and Mexican village. You miss some things when you go that route.

Things like..


I had no idea that they have it up all year. And now that I know it, I'm going to have to devise a plan to sneak onto the grounds and take a few rides down. Who's with me?

I've decided that if my dream of a bowling alley wedding reception doesn't come true (Instead of assigned tables there will be assigned lanes. The first dance will be on DDR. Bride and Groom bowling shirts. Nachos and soda for everyone. Admit it, you think it's a brilliant idea and you imagine yourself having the time of your life. Hurry, Wealthy Benefactor! Hurry!) then I'm going to have it at the fair next to the BIG YELLOW SLIDE.


Stephanie said...

They have it up ALL YEAR! I always imagined it was stealthily put together in the middle of the night by a carny named Moe. I also thought it would be one of those things that other fairs would want - nay, NEED! Where do all the other fairs get their fabulous slides?

Is this a yellow slide conspiracy? Does EVERY fair have fabulous yellow slides up all the time, but they only charge when it is fair season. The shame. THE SHAME!!

Good luck. I would totally dress in black and bring my own pillow case in order to go down the slide with you.

Maija said...

Next time I'm in the area, I'm totally with you on going down the slide (that is if you're okay with doing so with a stranger - I look a lot like Rach so that's good enough, right?).

Also, would you have any qualms about inviting a stranger (a.k.a. - moi)to said bowling reception? I promise I'll get you a really awesome present. I'm not a big one for wedding receptions (mainly because Utah receptions are boring), but that would be awesome.

Rach said...

If Maija-Liisa is going to visit you, I'm coming too. And I would definitely sneak in and go on the big yellow slide. I have never been on a big yellow slide. Also, I wish you much luck with your fair entry. I entered lemon squares in the Utah County fair when I was in 4H (yes, I did 4H), and didn't win anything. But I felt very important having an entry there.

You know I'll be at your bowling alley wedding reception. I think it's a genius idea and I can't wait for WB to come along and sweep you off your feet and into the bowling alley. Maija, you can be my date. Tim will be home watching the kids.

The Katzbox said...

I think a bowling alley reception is all kinds of fun AND cool. Puhleese. The ideas are just flowing through my brain on centerpieces, finger foods, decorations, the whole schmear...I'm dying over here in the desert...planning planning planning....and the yellow slide....oh heck yea....we could also mark where the person at the bottom "flies" the farthest when they come off, you know? a contest...we could spray graphite or something on the bottom of our burlap bags that we zoom down a big pinewood derby...make it a competition....oh. oh. oh. I need to settle down and have some nice herb tea....this is too much...far too much in this heat....I'm getting the vapors.....

Anonymous said...

a bowling alley wedding is GENIUS.

be sure to invite tom cavanaugh, the guy in "Ed" who owned a bowling alley.

he is SOOOOOOO cute.

Laura said...

You KNOW I'm in for the fair...especially the BIG YELLOW SLIDE!! I'm even going to buy the super duper ticket pack that will allow me to ride it 400 times in a row. But only if they have an elevator to the top so I don't have to walk up those stairs 400 times. Because, let's face it...I walked up them 3 times last year and my legs were sore for days! Pathetic!!

The Katzbox said...

Oh my gosh ennbee, I remember that show, "Ed"....he was adorable....I bet he would come!!! Yes! CELEBRITIES!!!!! Let's picture Rachel surrounded by adorable celebrities who would get a kick out of the whole bowling alley/yellow slide idea....Tom Cavanaugh is genius! AND adorable....Excellent *rubbing hands together*