Monday, October 26, 2009

1) Over the weekend I masterfully recreated the California Pizza Kitchen's Pear Gorgonzola pizza.* And I purposely saved two slices to have for lunch today. And I, of course, forgot them. Which just means something to look forward to for lunch tomorrow.

2.) It was the primary program in church yesterday. (Dear People Who Aren't Mormon: You should be, if only for the absolute JOY of the primary program). Thirty squirmy children, just barely keeping it together up on the stand in the chapel. They're waving to mom & dad, they're poking each other, they're making faces during the songs, they're lolloping about in their seats. It's the Best Sunday Ever.

3.) I was able to donate blood. Someone high five me!** And my phlebotomist was kind of cute and very proficient. He got the good vein in about 2 seconds.

4.) I purchased a purple shirt on Saturday and when I hung it up in my closet I noticed another purple shirt in almost the exact same shade. And then I noticed a purple sweater in almost the exact same shade. It was also next to a purple top in a different shade. And today I was wearing heels and decided that I needed some new flats for work so I went shoe shopping on my lunch break and purchased a pair of purple. Knights of Columbus! If you see me in purple pants please hold an intervention. But for now I am calling an Official Moratorium on purchasing purple attire.***

* I would post the recipe except that I can't actually remember my measurements. I could just make it up if you really want.

**I have about a 50% success record with donating blood. I feel like a failure when I can't.

***I blame my Queen Complex, by the way. Maybe I just can't help buying purple because my royal nature demands it.


Wendy said...

I probably told you this before, but when I visited my sister in Chicago we went to a taping of Oprah. Before the show started the producers were running around rearranging people's seating in the audience. One woman was wearing lavender and they placed her right in the middle, near the front. The producer said "Lavender is a universal color. It looks great on everyone, and really draws the attention of the camera. You're going to get shown on screen in a lot of the crowd shots today." And there sat my sister and I, high up and to the left, wearing our somber blacks and grays. We were shown on TV once, from afar.

So my point is, purple is a great color to have a supply of, because you never know when you could have the chance to wind up on TV.

The Katzbox said...

Oh my gosh...that above comment is sooo good to know for future ticket-getting-purposes! I will shop for lavendar when/if I get tickets to Ellen, etc. FUN!

I admire your ability to replicate the pear/gorgonzola recipe. Bravo! I have deep respect for those kitchen chemists that have so much food knowledge that they can randomly match items such as pears and gorgonzola and just KNOW that they would taste delicious together on A PIZZA!!! They also "just know" that red peppers and melons make good soup. They are chemists!!!! Mad, clever, hungry chemists!

HIGH FIVE ON THE BLOOD DONATION!!!! WOOT!!! Lucky you with the good phlebotomist. One time I was in a mobile-type of lab at a work site and the tech transversed or dissected or did something unholy with my vein and the blood actually spurted and arc-ed out and over my arm onto MY blouse and HER scrubs. The guys behind me FREAKED and actually RAN out of the mobile office. RAN, I TELLS YA, RAN!!!

Purple is a deeply rich and royal color. Go for it...we of the royal birth-right...*nose up* Now, I'll just sit here and wait for my humbling, heavenly head smack.

teresa p said...

Did you happen to see the child smoking a rolled up paper cigaretter? Or the one fast asleep on the back row? Primary is like herding cats, I tell ya.

teresa p said...

Cigaretter? Great, I misspelled (sic?) something in a comment on Rachel's blog. Maybe two things now. I'm going to be banned for life.

Rach said...

1. I guess it's time to try the California Pizza Kitchen. There's one at the Gateway in Salt Lake, but we always pass it by and head into Tucanos.

2. I love love love the Primary program. This was Jacob's first year. He hid behind the divider, picked his nose and ate it, and yelled a few songs. And he delivered his line perfectly memorized. It was awesome.

3. I have a lot of brown in my closet. So good job having the right color for being on TV. I think you are very regal and majestic and fabulous, so I don't think you need to hold off on buying more purple. But you're right. No purple pants.

Rach said...

Oh, and high five on the blood donation. I am banned for life because of my time in Italy in 1990. I think my trip to Russia sealed the deal, too.

sarahgurl said...

Our Primary program is cancelled because our ward just split. I've been looking forward to a sunday where I can sit far away from my kids and hear lots of songs...bummer. I only wear brown and green. My closet resembles a forest. the only time I went to CPK I had some type of pizza with salad on it, genious.

The Katzbox said...

Teresa and Rach's comments...HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

Sarahgurl's closet resembles a forest...AHHAHAHAHAHAHAH

I love your blog as much for the comments as for the blog is a gift at several in the world did you pull this off Rachel?

rachelsaysso said...

Teresa: If I banned people for misspelled words even I wouldn't be able to post on here.

Deb: Magic. And I have really funny friends.

Tom said...

I hate it when I have a good lunch but end up leaving it on the counter. I can't tell you how many times I have pulled into the parking lot at work and screamed in anger when I realized I did it again.

colleeeen said...

My Eli gave the best laugh this year for the program. He had his line memorized and was totally ready for it, and then they tried to get him to do an extra line because one of the other kids wouldn't go up. So he's at the mic, they prompt him, and he yells "No! Those aren't the right words!" Then I could see them whispering to him again, and he did his best impression of Frankenstein's monster, glowering and growling into the mic. But as soon as they had him deliver his own line, he was all smiles and happiness. And then Paul refused to even go to the mic. Sigh.

Stephanie said...

Annie's line in the primary program this year . . . "My Heavenly Father in Heaven loves me!" A great combination of what her parents practiced with her at home and what the little slip of paper actually said. Classic.

I love the primary program - the BEST Sunday of the year.

Mariah said...

I most wanted to say congrats on the blood donor thing. I feel you with the 50% success rate. But I also love/hate the whole deal with giving blood. Sometimes I'll go in kind of hoping they'll refuse me.

colleeeen said...

Oh, TOTALLY forgot - you can buy all the purple clothes you want. But if I ever hear about you buying a red hat to wear in conjunction with said clothes, I will stage an intervention.