Thursday, October 8, 2009

Things I'm not talking about

Let's not talk about how I could have gone to the Dodger game today. How my mom got tickets through her work and how one of those tickets was for me and how we all thought it was a night game until we got the tickets and found out that it started at 3 and I can't take off work because we're swamped. No, we won't talk about that.

Nor will we talk about how I just found out that Keira Knightly is going to be starring in an adaptation of Never Let Me Go. How much I loved that book and how I just knew, deep down in my heart, that if it were ever made into a movie they would cast Keira Knightly in it, not because she's good for the part but because people can't help themselves. They love her and her gaping mouth. How if she would just occasionally shut her mouth I would like her about 50% more and could possibly come to terms with it.

We could talk about all those tragedies but we're not going to.

Instead we're going to talk about this picture:

You see, I've been tagged by Teresa with one of those "go to the 1st folder in your picture file and find the 10th picture in it and post it" thingies, and this is the picture that came up. My nephew Tom, accompanied by his enormous cheeks. This was taken last Christmas and his cheeks are even bigger now. He's also growing a beard and worrying about his 401k. Because this is how quickly he is growing up!

I normally don't go along with tags but in the face of so much to despair over (lost Dodger tickets and Keira Knightly's slack jaw) I feel like we all could use those giant, squishy cheeks to help us gird up our loins and fight the good fight.


teresa p said...

I usually don't do those taggy things, either, so thanks for doing this (even though I know you really didn't want to). Bummer about the Dodgers tickets. Why in the world would they put a playoff game during the middle of the day? Nutso. Don't you love massive baby cheeks? Thank goodness they always grow out of them.

The Katzbox said...

I will take Tom's chewable cheeks over Ms. K's slack jaw anytime. One of my friends and I decided she is too self-important. There! Tho I did enjoy her in The Duchess movie. But nothing else. And only because of the clothes. And someone should pay her to put on some weight. I could use her legs to pick out olives from the jar.

Yea....Tom every single time.

Bronwyn James said...

I don't love Kiera Knightly either. Everyone saw Pirates III, right? How does she keep getting movie roles after that?

You're right, the cheeks are therapeutic, as are those chubby fingers. Thanks for the boost!

Chris said...

Go Dodgers! I watched the highlights on Sportcenter and that must have been a crazy 9th inning.

Rach said...

I can look past the slack jaw in Pride and Prejudice, because I'm too busy watching hot Matthew McFadyen. I was too busy being horrified, yet slightly jealous of her tiny tiny waist in Bend it Like Beckham, and I was only jealous at her muscles. But I really, truly don't get how her pouty face and angry eyes keep getting her roles. I haven't read that book yet (it's on my eternally long list), but I'm sure once I do I will be equally horrified. That stinks about the Dodgers tickets. I would feel that way if someone gave me TCU/BYU tickets and I had to take Jacob to a birthday party or something. So I am very very sorry. But that picture does make everything better. That is one cute kid.

courtney said...

surprisingly, hearing that keira knightley will star in "never let me go" isn't really getting my goat like i would've thought--probably because i already knew deep down that regardless of casting, someone was bound to ruin it in film form. i hope they at least fatten her up a bit. who could possibly use the organs of someone that skinny?