Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pop quiz!

I have started and stopped about 5 post today, deeming them all lame and boring and unfunny. Clearly, I need chocolate.

So instead of writing, I'm just going to ask a series of preference questions and you can answer as many of them as you'd like. And if you do answer at least one I will put you into a drawing to win a very special prize. That prize being a Mr. T felt bookmark I'm currently working on. I'm making his jewelry tonight.

1.) Black or red licorice?
2.) Cats or dogs?
3.) The beach or the mountains?
4.) Summer, autumn, winter or spring?
5.) Mr. T, Hannibal, Face or Murdock?
6.) Automatic or manual can opener?
7.) Exercising in the morning or night?
8.) Can your food touch on your plate or not?
9.) Sitting near the front of the back in a movie theater?
10.) Gum or mint?

You have until Thursday at noon to enter.

My answers?
1.) Red
2.) Dogs
3.) Both
4.) Winter, in California
5.) Murdock
6.) Manual
7.) Morning
8.) Sure
9.) Middle
10.) Mint. Gum is gross.


Stephanie said...

1. Red, but sometimes I am also a fan of the danish salty black licorice and the Australian raspberry stuff.
2. Dogs would probably trump cats, but I like them both, especially in baby stage.
3. Yes please! When are we going?
4. Fall in the south, winter in Phoenix, Spring in California.
5. Mr. T - cuz he's afraid of flying and still tough.
6. Manual - I've never been able to work an automatic - and I never feel stranded in an electric emergency.
7. Morning, before showering
8. Yes - mush it all together and call it good.
9. Since we were married, husband has chosen our movie seats. He cares, I don't.
10. I like gum, but only the fruity kind. I like mints that are curiously strong.

Rach said...

1. Both, but both also make me feel a little sick if I eat more than a few pieces.
2. Cats--they bury their own poop.
3. The mountains, because I'm no afraid of drowning in them.
4. I'm an autumn and spring girl--more outdoor potential.
5. Mr. T, because he can handle the bling and still look tough.
6. Manual--I can never get the can to stay on an electric one.
7. Morning, preferably outdoors.
8. It CAN touch, but I prefer it not to.
9. Middle of the middle, unless it's not stadium seating, and then I need an aisle to see past the inevitably tall person with big hair that sits in front of me.
10. Mint, but gum will do in an emergency, although I can only stand it for about 2 minutes, then it triggers the gag reflex.

I'm looking forward to the Mr. T bookmark.

Camille said...

1 Red
2 Neither
3 both
4 spring
5 face
6 manual
7 morning
8 yes
9 back
10 gum

i don't need the bookmark...i just liked the questions! but i want to see a picture of it.

Jennette said...

1. Red
2. You need both to have a balanced life. Cats are easier to care for, dogs are more needy for attention.
3. Both, as long as either aren't crowded.
4. Spring in general (which is like a California winter)
5. Murdock was always the funny one. (I had a slight crush on him as a kid).
6. I own a manual can opener.
7. Prefer morning but no other choice than to do it at night.
8. Veggies and entree are acceptable touchers.
9. Middle, but back is more comfortable than front.
10. Mints.

Jenny said...

1. Red, but in tiny amounts. If I'm going to eat copious amounts of sugar it better be dark chocolate.
2. Meh, neither at this point in my life. Maybe a dog someday.
3. Mountains. Less sand in my swimsuit.
4. Spring but that's when my birthday is so I'm definitely biased.
5. Face is just cool.
6. Automatic but you shouldn't be without a manual one.
7. Morning for sure. I'm too lazy at night.
8. Oh yeah, baby.
9. The exact middle of the middle row. Bliss.
10. Mint. I hate gum.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that Mr. T bookmark! I love Mr. T and all things A-Team.

Tammy said...

1. Red
2. Both
3. Both
4. Autumn
5.Mr. T
6. Manual, the automatic one hates me
7. Morning
8. Yes
9. Middle towards the front
10. Mint

Ms. Liz said...

1.) Both - but black is only acceptable if its Panda licorice, if its fresh and if I got it at Trader Joe's (it does make it better).
2.) Cats or dogs? Yes - but more yes to dogs
3.) I feel like I'm betraying California but Mountains. I LOVE mountainy beaches. Like, more than anything.
4.) Autumn, but Spring too.
5.) Like its a question, Murdoc. ALL THE WAY
6.) Manuel, I hate spending 10 minutes trying to get it to catch the right way
7.) morning
8.) I feel weird if it doesn't
9.) Back in the middle
10.) I'm not a respecter of breath fresheners but mints mostly because gum in company is just gross, I like it just in the car or something though.

Unknown said...

1.) Red
2.) Cats
3.) The beach
4.) Summer. I can't wait to be in warm weather again.
5.) Mr. T
6.) Manual.
8.)Most of the time.
9.) The back!
10.) Gum. I'm a cow.

samandholly said...

1. red
2. turtles
3. beach
4. fall
5. murdock
6. manual (automatic are disgustingly dirty)
7. neither
8. yes
9. back
10. mint

Mariah said...

1.) Black, or allsorts
2.) Both. Weird huh.
3.) Beach
4.) Summer
5.) Mr. T
6.) Manual
7.) Prefer morning, but often it gets left till the evening.
8.) Yes
9.) The middle, but if I must choose, the back. If the only seats are at the front I'll take them. But I'm probably at the movie with my husband and he wouldn't. So.
10.) Either.

The Katzbox said...

1. Red...always and forever. Okay, black if I'm curious or bored.
2. love both, but hubs is allergic to cats, so we have a dog.
3. love both, but mountains have that piney smell...heaven...
4. spring, always spring
5. Mr. T.
6. Now that my hands are getting their "overly large knuckles" on, I have to do the automatic, tho I own a manual...
7. Is afternoon totally out of the question?...then morning.
8. my food is like a room of spoiled adolescents..."no touching my side of the plate weirdo!"
9. back. With trifocals, movie screens can be a tad nightmarish. Yeesh, I'm getting depressed filling this out...
10. mints. But I'm not averse to gum as a stop-gap measure until the next mint. And it must be spearmint as opposed to peppermint. Spearmint is feminine, peppermint is masculine, did you know that? I didn't either. My daughter figured it out. I don't think anyone else knows it either.

Drawings are fun!!! Thanks for thinking of it. And I love your felt work.

Casey said...

1. Red
2. Dogs
3. Mountains, but the beach is a close 2nd
4. Fall, but I like Summer for what it reminds me of
5. Hannibal--the man was a genius
6. Manual if it has the oversized plastic knob. None of this stiff metal business.
7. Evening
8. Yes
9. Back if it's stadium
10. Mint

Bronwyn James said...

1. Red, red, red
2. dogs, dogs, dogs
3. yes
4. no spring?
5. uh...
6. manual
7. it's morning or never for me (thought i usually end up going in the early afternoon when i get the chance)
8. absolutely. you can't create the perfect bite if your food doesn't touch.
9. middle, though i prefer back to front if i have to choose between the two
10. chocolate

Anonymous said...

I'm in.
1.) Black!
2.) Cats
3.) The beach
4.) Summer in New England
6.) manual can opener?
7.) Exercising in the morning
8.) oh, yeah!
9.) Middle
10.) mint. Gum makes my TMJ hurt. Also, the cow chewing its cud look is unattractive.

Wendy said...

Well, the number of comments to this post prove two things:

1) People love a chance to win a prize


2) People love talking about themselves.

What does it say about me that I only think I know who two of the four people are listed on #5?

Erin said...

1.) Red - Twizzlers - it just doesn't get better

2.) Both. But I can't have either because the people who own my apartment complex hate animals.

3.) I'm with the mountain beaches. And that's why Hawaii is so great.

4.) Summer in Nevada. Autumn in Texas.

5.) Is there really any question? Mr. T has the awesomest jewlery EVER.

6.) I'm scared of the automatic ones.

7.) I would prefer the morning but 5 am comes awful early now-a-days. Plus, all the really awesome muscle men work out in the evening at my gym. Watching them flex in the mirrors is hysterical to me.

8.) Sure. Unless I'm having pancakes - then nothing can touch the syrup but the pancakes.

9.) Husband insists on sitting on the side where there's that little bar we can put our feet up on. We have to get there early.

10.) Gum. I'm also a cow. It has to be cinnamon gum. All that other stuff makes me sick.

Erin said...

Oh, and for the record, you don't know me. I stalk your blog daily through Tamar's blog. It's so entertaining during a long say at work!

Gina said...

It's amazing what a potential prize will do to people. I'm in.

Murdock, although Face was a hottie when I was 14.
automatic (I clean mine, Sam & Holly)

"Gimme that bookmark, Fool."

Chris said...

1. Red though I do enjoy black, too. (I prefer red vines over twizzlers.)

2. Dogs

3. Both, but the mountains get a slight advantage since I don't enjoy swimming in salt water.

4. Spring...that wasn't a choice, but I thought I'd be a rebel.

5. I wasn't an A-Team watcher, so I'll pick Mr. T because of his stirring Rocky 3 performance.

6. Automatic.

7. Morning.

8. Touching. Can't we all just get along?

9. Back, about 75% back in a theater with stadium seats.

10. Usually gum because I feel the freshness lasts longer, though I do enjoy a good sugar-free mint.

sarahgurl said...

1. twizzlers
2. dog-australian cattle dog to be precise
3. mountain picnic ending in a beach bonfire
4. summer night on the pier
5. unfamialiar-please don't disqualify me, pity me
6. manual from pampered chef
7. cardio-morning, yoga/drum circle-night
8. I mix all the food then take a bite
9. middle row, middle seat
10. burts bees chapstick then I lick my lips. same minty effect but doesn't make me hungry

Taylor Family said...

1- Red
2- Dogs, even though we have a cat that I actually like
3- Both!
4- Summer, it I could live at the beach for the whole of it. Winter if not. Spring and autumn in places that actually have definite seasons!
5- Mr. T (that's my hubby's nickname at work:) )
6- Manual, the kind that takes the whole lid off with no sharp edges.
7- What's exercise? I mean, whenever I can. . .yeah.
8- Yep.
9- Middle.
10- Mint. Gum sometimes, but only if there are no mints available.

Amanda said...

I like feetsie pajamas. That wasn't a question on your list, but I think it is important to mention. The fact that I own a pair means that I deserve that bookmark. AND the fact that I just finished a book using a scrach paper as a bookmark. I only have one legitimate bookmark and it is currently holding my place in a book I'll probably never finish. So, I need a new bookmark in order to start a new book. You wouldn't want to hinder my reading would you?

Chris said...

While I have several bookmarks, I really could use a bookmark with some personality. My current bookmarks come from two sources, first, those little paint sample cards from Home Depot and second, my business cards (which I never give out and I have about 500 of them).

colleeeen said...

2. NEITHER. If I had 10 acres, both.
3. Mountains.
4. Spring.
5. As a kid, Murdock. As an adult, Face.
6. Manual.
7. Morning.
8. Touching is A-OK.
9. Middle to back.
10. I don't even like mint-flavored gum, I'm so anti-mint.

colleeeen said...

I vote for Amanda because she just chucked the whole quiz format out the window. Way to go, iconoclast.

Ginger said...

1. Red (But I do enjoy black)
2. Dog
3. Mountains - Beach is 2nd
4. Autumn
5. Murdock
6. Manual
7. Morning
8. Yes - touch
9. Back
10. Gum

I guess I have to read a book to make good use of MY new bookmark.

Hannah said...

1. Black...but I accept and encourage those with a love of red licorice.

2. Dogs. Did I ever tell you about the time my roommate brought home cats as a surprise? This is one of those things you can probably file under better as an IDEA than an actual surprise.

3. Yes. But I feel like that's cheating on a quiz, so I'll pick beaches. But I'm not happy about it.

4. All my life the answer has been: summersummersummersummersummer! But. This summer sucked with the force of a thousand amped up roombas. On steroids. So now I'm gonna say Autumn.

5. Face.

6. Manual. But I WISH electric. But I'm telling myself I'm being green.

7. I don't want to talk about it. Which is code for oesn't-day exercise-hay. Which is pig latin for lazy.

8. Definitely. I'm of the mixing flavors school of thought. Is that a school of thought? Or just a lunch table subgroup?

9. Definitely the back in the middle. Except when the theater is totally empty except for your group. Then I think its fun to spread out across the theater and yell comments to one another. What?

10. Mint. Specifically the caffinated icebreaker mints that CVS used to carry but now doesn't, because as Hassan the clerk informed me, they "don't want to support your habit junkie." Which I thought was a little rude. Also I can quit whenever I want to Hassan. I'm planning on quitting this weekend even! Of course that could be mildly influenced by the fact I'm on my last tin...but the important thing to remember is that if you see caffinated mints you should buy them for me.

This comment may or may not have gotten away from me.

Mr. Hall said...

1. Both
2. Depends on the breed of cat and dog.
3. Mountains. . . overlooking a beach!
4. Whichever season is just beginning--I like the change.
5. Mr. T
6. Manual
7. Night
8. Yes, it can touch, but it is not allowed to mix.
9. Back
10. Gum (sweet mint flavor)

Mary P said...

I'm SO glad you're a Murdock girl too :)

Angela said...

1 - But red isn't even licorice.
2 - Either - so long as they know where to poop.
3 - Mountain home with view of beach, please.
4 - Spring, spring, spring - give me blossoms, baby!
5 - Mr T.
6 - Manual for me, auto for arthritic momma
7 - Carrying my baby is exercising. Right?
8 - Yes...unless it's beets...or vinegerrryyyy.
9 - Middle-middle. Tantrums have been thrown.
10 - Mint. Although I will accept gum...and barely chew it for fear of looking like a cow.

Angela said...