Monday, October 19, 2009

The Siren Call of the Lake House

It's True Confession time. And this one is embarrassing. Don't judge!

Whenever the movie the Lake House is on, Katie and I watch it. Every time! And it is on a lot. It's not like we set the DVR to record it or anything but if one of us is flipping through the channels and we see that it's on, we pop on over to see if it's the part when Keanu Reeves sneezes and then we get sucked in like an ant in a vacuum hose. That sneeze may be the worst bit of acting ever recorded in the history of all acting. Which is really saying something because have you seen his performance in A Walk in the Clouds? Abysmal.

I haven't completely figured out why we can't pass it up. It's pretty slow and that sneeze isn't the only bit of bad acting Keanu gives us. But it isn't quite at the level of so-bad-it's-good, like, say Spice World.

(Perhaps Spice World is the movie I should be embarrassed to admit to not only watching but owning. Except that I'm not ashamed. For it is MAGICAL.)

So it's a mystery why we cannot fight the siren call of the Lake House. And I'm not sure I want to fight it. It's kind of comforting in a way. Like listening to Barry Manilow songs or eating oatmeal for breakfast.

What is the one movie you're slightly embarrassed to say that you can't stop yourself from watching?


Stephanie said...

"Rudy." Every time it's on, I can't help myself. I cry every time he gets into Notre Dame. I cheer him on every time he falls. It's an addiction.

Valerie said...

Hope Floats.

Also, Practical Magic.

Erin said...

Legally Blonde. EVERY TIME it's on.

Rach said...

I have been running across the Lake House a lot lately, too, and being sucked into it. I don't remember the sneeze, but that's probably because his crying scene burned all other memories of his acting, good or bad, in that movie, out of my brain.

I haven't so much been sucked into a movie as a show lately, and that's Wizards of Waverly Place. It's true. I blame my son and all his Disney shows. It makes it so every time I turn on the TV, either Wizards or Hannah Montana is on. Or a made-for-TV movie, which I usually watch and try to identify Utah landmarks. Did you know Utah is crawling with Disney movie makers?

This is a long comment. It's the only kind I know how to make. Over and out.

Mariah said...

I get sucked into hour long tv dramas with titles that are three letter acronyms. Even though I don't follow any of the series'. But the last movie I can remember that happening to me with was MI2.

Chris said...

Food Network Challenges! I love them.

Caroline George said...

Independence day with will smith ... Even if it is like halloween! I don't even like semi sci fi :)!!!!!!

The Katzbox said...

This is such a good question and I'm assuming that we're in a non-judgment zone-which is very cool. So....let's see:

27 Dresses
Made of Honor
Practical Magic
Witches of Eastwick
Knocked Up (so sorry)
Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Well...I'm just getting embarrassed now....